Joe Jonas’ Finacee Sophie Turner Lip Syncs To Taylor Swift & Fans React


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Sophie Turner lip synced along to a Taylor Swift track and the internet is freaking out. You think it would be weird to celebrate your…

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  1. Mambo! says

    Slows her DOPENESS and Maturity.

  2. Mohibullah Awan says

    They wrote finaceé not fianceé

  3. Rita Oliveira says

    She is an amazing actress she isn't just Joe Jonas' Finacee. Shame on you Clever and who titles this videos.

  4. Aishwarya Kochhar says

  5. Andres SanÖrt says

    I don’t think it’s weird at all. I think she’s confident enough plus Tay’s music is amazing so U can’t ignore those beats lol

  6. Miss Mystery says

    It’s really not a big deal. I love all three of them and Taylor and Joe dated years ago and they’ve gotten over it

  7. Dima Ashraf says

    You already spelled "Fiancée" wrong. You might as well change the title and stop labeling her as "Joe jonas' fiancée"

  8. Dani says

    Joe and Taylor have been cool with each other for years. 
    Didn't he go out with Gigi at one point and even went to Taylor's Summer at Hyde park concert? 
    They were like 17, and they got over the break up. 
    Also, Sophie has always been a boss, she did defend Taylor when people were up in arms at her for being in the TIMES cover. Remember?

  9. Michelle Mottey says

    Hey. Let her do her.

  10. Hello I'm Miaya. says

    Who else lowkey forgot they were engaged? Lol I did. Sophie looks so different as a blonde.

  11. Little Mix Stuff says

    Erm… if I had a bf, and he used to be Taylor’s girlfriend, so does that mean that I can’t listen to Taylor ever?

  12. Mélissa Boulianne says

    His FINACEE ? xD

  13. Jessi Kamper says

    Ummm Tay & Joe squashed the beef when he was dating Gigi. This actually is no big deal.
    And everyone does this when they turn 22.

  14. Adéla Stark says

    Sophie doesn't give a shit a I'm sure that neither does Joe. She probably didn't even realized that it's supposed to be "awkward" because it's not. They dated like ten years ago, she was just a little girl back then so why should she even care?

  15. Ava Meyers says

    maybe she just listened to the song bec she was happy turning 22?

  16. Gabriele Kanskij says

    * Fiancee

  17. emma higgans says

    Why is she know as Joe Jones' finacee?? She has done some much amazing such by her self e.g. Game of Thrones

  18. ShiShi108 says

    Clevver news, this ain't clever and you are seriously running out of ideas.

  19. Janne Christiaens says

    They dated 10 years ago, I MEAN 10 YEARS AGO! Taylor is over it, Joe is over it and Sophie can do what she wants! The song just fits bc she's 22.

  20. Fiha Rani says

    Of course everyone knows there's nothing petty about this, but if gossip "journalists" didn't come up with conspiracies, they'd have no job. It's quite an embarrassing job. I love Clevver for their other content but some other gossip articles like ones in The Sun and Mirror are too much

  21. orla x says

    Leave her alone ohmygod she was just having fun

  22. Luca Belle says

    Joe Jones fiancé’s? Um how bout just Sophie Turner, GOT actress

  23. Just Another Fangirl says

    Bish there is nothing wrong w it. Have u heard Holy Ground? It’s about how she is thankful her relationship w Joe happened. They have been cool since the night he went to her Speak Now world tour!

  24. Just Another Fangirl says

    Plus it’s just a song! Don’t make a huge deal about it!

  25. Sofia Tempone says


  26. Wendy Diaz says

    Honey she is his FIANCÉ not his finacee

  27. Andy Chen says

    Taylor Swift hangout a lot with joe Jonas when he was dating Gigi lol, it’s not big of a deal, they are over each other lol

  28. Chelsy Burriss says

    Who cares? Everyone 22 loves that song.

  29. Nathalie says

    I saw the video on her insta story and didn't think twice about it. Some people are crazy! She was just dancing to 22 because she turned 22. Jeez, people need to chill and let them live their life

  30. Leslie Sayonar says

    Sophie have always been a fan of taylor

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