Kendall Jenner AGGRESSIVELY Cheers On Boyfriend Blake Griffin Amid Fizzling Relationship Rumors


What stepping out rumors? Kendall Jenner showed support for her man Blake Griffin as he played at the Staples Center Wednesday night. Although the Clippers lost to the Boston Celtics, Kendall…

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  1. I hope they break up

  2. Kitty Gaming says

    Kendall always look great

  3. Model Edits says

    3rd comment

  4. ather hussaini says


  5. Little Tinky says

    StupidBritish bitch get a life

  6. Harlow Gold says

    She has a attitude problem I can't stand her personality !

  7. Kate Msp says

    I love Kenny

    Edit I know her name is kendall

  8. Tiffany Lynch says

    She's the one that's never going to have children or get married she really doesn't like her sisters the only way she will do something is if Cindy Crawford does it her role model

  9. Deadly Whispr says

    Gorgeous just don't go crazy on plastic surgery like your sister

  10. This Is Glamboy says

    Stay away from my man bitch

  11. iZed Gamer says

    Blake is a ugly bastard

  12. Natalia Stornello says

    I hope they last

  13. ElMaRZYT Zx says


  14. Fail Zero says

    And no one subscribing to this channel knows who Blake is. This English chick don't even NBA! We all know the English don't watch the NBA.

  15. Crest Fallen says

    Blake Griffin is FUGLY as fuck!!!

  16. София Егорова says

    1 question: what you busi in this?

  17. Jason Chow says

    that dude is crossed eyed LMAO

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