Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name And First Photo | Hollywoodlife


Kylie Jenner has announced her baby name after being secretly pregnant by rapper Travis Scott and releasing a video about her pregnancy journey. Subscribe to Hollywoodlife:…

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  1. Mohamed m'bareck Brahim says

    Travis scott didn’t change his her for 9month !! And she give birth with full make up on n fake eyelashes looool

  2. Ederllynaa Ezyanee says

    its stormi webster .

  3. Kyle Findlay says

    Whats up with these kardasian name? Saint , North , Chicago now Stormi ? guess khloe gonna name her child Windi not with a y

  4. Lara says

    Stormi….that sounds like a bob sponge's character

  5. Aditi Deshpande says

    she changed the caption, its stormi webster

  6. Erifili Çamlılar says

    No offense but Stormi looks too white to be Travis’ child

  7. Truth B. Told says

    Not bad…Im naming my next child Tropical

  8. chistina Kennedy says

    It says on her insta stormi Webster so this is old gossip

  9. ቃል የአፄወቹ ልጅ says

    I like stormi.

  10. Nikki Saindon says

    so she named the baby after a porn star sleeping with Trump. hahaha

  11. Lala Jay says

    Probably will nickname her mimi

  12. Lala Jay says

    She named her stormi webster. Not jenner

  13. StormiNyte says

    She stole my name! Lol

  14. Sarah O'hagan says

    so cute ❤❤❤

  15. jaxsonite says

    a white baby dat!! fake shit

  16. A&M Fawcett-Ke says

    Her asss is bigger than her belly crayyyzy!!! why they all go for the black man… ??? Because they have big dick LOL!!!! Kim,Kylie,Khloe!!!!!!! This is hilarious… and they all have fake ass… its ugly when you look at someone belly and their ass is disturbing the baby in the belly!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. P. Poels says

    What a stupid name

  18. Shaylyn Baker says

    Almost as bad as Chicago and North

  19. Jeannette Cerda says

    Did she name her daughter Stormi. for the stormy relationship she has with Travis Scott!!!!!!

  20. analisa naraine says

    Stormi weather with reign dreamed by a saint in the north west of Chicago

  21. Hibaak Mohamed says

    I you kidding me?Stormi? Kylie should have tried harder, stormi is gonna be great!(note the sarcasm)

  22. xxdragonloverxx potterhead says

    Sounds more like a name horse

  23. Naomi Louer says

    The moment you realise that kylie jenner’s baby is born on your birthday

  24. Sophia Boyle says

    Its gonna be

  25. Sophia Boyle says

    Stormi kylie us my cousin

  26. Carmen Santiago says

    I LOVE THAT NAME Stormi Jenner KYLIE

  27. Maia Kolbuck says

    its different but i like it!!!!!!!!

  28. Cindee Libby says

    I don't think having a baby at 20 is smart but the name is really cute. Better than North, or Chicago or whatever the hell Kim's other kids name is.

  29. umar farooque says

    kyli junior(^o^)

  30. Kirstin Burns says

    I KNEW IT!

  31. PugLover says

    I like that name, Stormi

  32. IamTheBest says

    Next we will see them naming babies 'window', or 'slipper'

  33. Anja Van I says

    Baby is white????

  34. S.A S says

    After Stormie Daniells

  35. J Bast says

    The jenners are niggerfied, i wonder how Armenia feels about that

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