Most SHOCKING Taylor Swift Reputation Track List Fan Theories


More Celebrity News ▻▻ That’s right – it’s time to put our best Detective Olivia Benson skills to the test because Taylor Swift dropped her entire Reputation…

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  1. VICKY V says

    Sad I didn’t see a Selena X Taylor collab on the tracklist but the tweet was for the Target exclusive album/magazine, so fingers crossed it’s on there!!

  2. Clay Brice says

    Can't wait to jam out to this album.

  3. Ash D says

    I think the song dress is about the meuler case an how he put is hand up her dress. And i think that it is the really sad song that mama swift couldn't listen to and got really upset at (bear in mind she was crying in the court). Just a theory.

  4. Miahil Ali says

    love taylor swift ♡♥♡♡♥♡♡♡

  5. Im just glad the Ed is getting the 2018 album of the year grammy because 2019 will be reputation

  6. TSFSN R19Rep says

    Sooo….. Get ready for he deluxe version after the release of REPUTATION ! (wishing 3-5 more songs in the deluxeeeeee)

  7. Mahendra singh says

    Fine, since no one is streaming reputation till 7 days it's release , go and stream kiwi music video…..

  8. timidsore says

    And when she breaks up with Joe, she's gonna make a whole another album on him.

  9. sixsecondsofmarina TM says

    the people who leaked the fucking album literally puts the word “PUTA” in rePUTAtion smfh

  10. Gryphon Ng says

    The sound of the guy in CIWYW could it be joe's cameo ?

  11. rayn09 says

    TRACK 16 …i was expecting a Tswift feat. Selena Gomez & Nicki Minaj…

  12. 2A17 KWOK LAI CHUN says

    So sad no kesha collabration

  13. Nasheet Ahmed says

    What the media doesn't realize that this album is also about them.

  14. Thamizh Vani says

    Is like "I am. Sasha Fierce."

  15. Ashman Grande says

    and who always relating her song with her ex… yeah clevver news.

  16. Scarlett Witch says

    Fuck yeah !!!!!!!! I'm so happy and excited and pumped up for reputation ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. Ethan says

    Anyone else who can read Chinese and would have realized the collab if they had paid attention to the characters

  18. The theories aren’t really “shocking” but I do agree with them.

  19. Rizman Panggabean says

    i think Detective Olivia Benson should be on Wikipedia

  20. sayounara1232 says

    It'd be pretty sad if she and Joe broke up considering she's writing so many songs abt him and stuff lol let's hope she doesn't

  21. HayesInTheHole says

    Time to grow up

  22. LWR says

    how many vids do u make about one topic? 300?

  23. SforSwiftie says

    Predicted first week sales: 1.5 to 2 million, legends only

  24. Maria Brito says

    I love taylor swift forever.

  25. Rebe McPhee says

    There is a video clip of her talking about the making of Look What You Made Me Do. In the clip she's saying it's a sort of montage to all the things that are said about her and how ridiculous they would look if they were true. Given that, I stopped and thought once again this is her saying this isn't her old self but maybe her MUCH MORE STRONGLY dismissing the way certain people & media want to portray her. Maybe old Taylor got hurt or caught up in trying to defend it a little much. Here, she says her final piece/peace and is back to herself…her best self who we all strive to be. My two cents

  26. Mark Vozelj says

    Thats why we cant have Nice things is about katy perry

  27. SuperChiko4000 says

    She's a legend

  28. so ni says


  29. Jordan M Crazy says

    I find it funny she's using the whole style of Blank Space with this album

  30. Secret Zexyula Teloiv says

    I'm writing a song about tom plumey

  31. Nikki Hamilton says

    Coolest idea ever, 2 part album thing is true…

  32. T R says

    I hope she's going start performing songs from this album I've waited for so long so excited for this album!!!

  33. dragon upenrico says

    For me, Getaway Car is the best song on the album. If I can give my opinion on what song I find is the best on the album, you'll probably know what that means y'all. wink

  34. Theviral Videos says

    Reputation by Taylor Swift!! Watch this

  35. Krystal Rowan says

    Many Kanye references, guess somebody really isn't control of her own narrative, if she was she would have took her own advice, ("Shake it off") and write songs with substance. What she did the entire album is what the "old Taylor" did, the self victimisation/character assassination card is really really overdone and not even cute anymore. She's not a teenager with a settle to score anymore, let shit go Taylor and become a woman of almost 28 years old already!!. She's pretty much telling Kanye and Kim she needs their feud to succeed, would love an entire album without dramatic high-school shit. The rapping attempts was too try hard for me, she should leave it to Kanye and other rappers.

    Taylor acting like a grown woman = (I'm) ready for it.

  36. Esther T says

    I sub to Spotify but now cannot hear :/ now changing back to iTunes…

  37. cyrll matta says

    Does So It Goes… …Ready For It? Are they connected?? So it goes, ready for it? Just a theory cause the one 3 dots on the front and the one has 3 dots on the back

  38. Emma Meyer says

    "Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you next time" guys her name is really Erin not whatever her other name was

  39. Kimberly White says

    I like everything about her and her music!!!

  40. iamstich blackkuroneko says

    I dont caaaaaareeeeee

  41. RainbowFlavored Xanax says

    Where can i find this album

  42. Imbored says

    Kinda. Feel like she's a clone:/ scary

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