Justin Bieber on His Nude Paparazzi Photo


The music star discussed the revealing photo that made the Internet say, “Baby, baby, baby, oh”!

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  1. be a bawse says

    Ew is that a cd

  2. Juan Camilo says

    "thats funny" claps

  3. Alyssa Plays says

    Do year justin saying shes not after saying shes just a friend

  4. M M S I N G S says


  5. kianosh farsani says

    It should be faggot week

  6. Huga Buga says


  7. Practical Piracy says

    I have seen his nudes and I realized something that there weren't balls down there.

  8. rene uresti says

    He still hasn’t hit puberty

  9. Eliana Paul says

    hahahaha oh god..so funny haha

  10. Zainab Maxamad says

    whose watching in 2018

  11. Sapphire Harris says

    2018 anyone?

  12. SYDNEY HI says


  13. Top Videos says

    I don't know why he is looking like he is in real trouble

  14. Mekdes Alemayehu says

    Justin Bieber my baby you are super gorgeous and I am crazy in love with you. I love you extremely and adore you extremely. You mean so much to me. Words can't explain how much I love you.
    I love you extremely and adore you extremely always and forever.
    I love you extremely and adore you extremely always and forever.

  15. Believe In Your Dreams says

    I respect him

  16. Frozen Hill says

    Justin reaction is so cute and naughty

  17. Rachid Zakare says

    ellen : wow !!
    Jb : stop☹️

  18. Sarthak Singh says

    just remove that shirt beiber you just don't deserve that

  19. Habsy Subianto says

    Lol poor jusitn bieber XD

  20. ASMRwithSofia says

    He's so cute!

  21. Sam Kirk says

    Talentless, fame/money-hungry, fake-ass pussy prick

  22. out of context says

    the cock goblin and twat troll together at last

  23. hello people says

    When Justin covered his face I knew he was embarrassed that Ellen was saying that it might be his gf

  24. Alyssa McCoy says

    F Justin Bieber

  25. Karim Omar says

    You are a gangster justen

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