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  1. Cezara EM says

    WOW…….first part she looks really angry and nervous ?!

  2. SellySlayz says

    It’s disgusting how people make videos to try to make her look bad. SHES A HUMAN BEING. She makes mistakes and I’m 100% sure you do too. Plus I don’t even see her doing anything wrong here. She’s handling everything perfectly because that’s how strong she is.

  3. Unicorn's and Rainbow's says

    Selena suffers panic attacks so if she hides her face it's so she doesn't DIE FROM U IDOITS

  4. Amira says

    Ur saying worst time but its cuteeee as fuckkkkkk

  5. Denisa Baciu says

    Well at least she doesent have a problem with her shoes like justin has

  6. Fang moon says

    She is not strong when it comes to drit bags

  7. Sup It's Adi says

    U should have named this Selena's human moments.

  8. lahiru rangana says

    10 Guys Selena Gomez Has DATED

  9. Juli Kas says

    Wow even I all these she's still amazing

  10. bawga says

    Why she is so cute even in worst moments?

  11. Greastest Ever says

    When Selena is my girl there gon be no paparazzi cuz ima whip out the banger n pop clips in they white tees

  12. leshawn smith says

    FUCKIN murderer!!!

  13. Mansi Jindal says

    These r not mistakes. These r just normal things that can be happen with anyone

  14. Chris chris says

    The paps act like a bunch of fucking animals it would be nice to see the asking nicely before they started snaping stop acting like dicks for once

  15. Joshua Sims says

    She is mad because justin Bieber and he is always gone and she need a man and she keeps falling and getting embarased ana in my opioin i think justin bebeir is being a gay ass fagit with another fuckin boy FUCK YOU JUSTIN GO SUCK A DICK GAY ASS BOI

  16. Avni Tafilaj says

    Oh my gosh What

  17. Asti Larasati says

    this is somehow funny tho lol i love you selena!!!

  18. Sfdfh Cfvvb says

    I love you Selena

  19. Khaizer Wasi says

    She was ill that time, don't make the title like, she is princess and because paparazzi she and other has too suffer

  20. ZhengHang Zhong says

    fuck fake

  21. Deshna Boodhoo says

    This channel is like so disgusting i mean no one is perfect you do such things when you are jealous i ' m sorry but thats the truth

  22. Team Arianators says

    In what way are these BAD moments? She's such a sweetheart! ❤️

  23. lackar85 says

    She is very pretty, real and smart girl. I like her very much, her music and her beautiful soul.

  24. Windydev says

    Wow those were her worst moments? I wish those were my worst moments LOL

  25. L&L gamerok says


  26. isabela galvarro says

    Deixam a mulher em paz merda vão trabalhar de outra coisa em vez de cuidar da vida de famosos

  27. Sessiz oyuncu says

    all bullshıt she is only human these are not worst moments these are paparazzi moments SHIT SHIT SHIT CLICKBYTE BYEE

  28. Baby P says

    What is the name of the video at 1:33 please

  29. Rina Wishim says

    Yay my baby princess

  30. divya balihar says

    see its her life whatever she wanna do with it is her choice

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