Miley Cyrus Cries & Strips For Liam Hemsworth In ‘Wrecking Ball’ Performance Live


Miley Cyrus cries as she sings to Liam Hemsworth in an emotional ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance live. She then sang in a see-through top with pasties. Subscribe! Starring…

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  1. ali hama says

    Ihate you miley

  2. Ocavi Cabavi says

    She cries for Liam. But now they are together again and Miley is happy!

  3. Elizabeth Okeke says


  4. Anthony Gonzalez says

    ahhh.put her outta her misery…put her down…ahhhh

  5. Ramon Garcia says

    she's going to get eegs soon

  6. BeautyStar 123 says

    I would cry too

  7. Blue Girl says

    Maybe he wanted something that everybody else don't have access too.

  8. Huan Son says
  9. Mohammed Umar says

    Vulgar, obscene, porn

  10. Gibson Michels says

    This is the impact if you love someone too much. Please left 1% Logic before you love somebody too much. Poor Miley. still love all hers song no matter what. By the way, i guess Liam is the one who make her like this (just guessing). This is exactly like patty smith song, sometime's love just ain't enough.

  11. Lynn Smith says

    Miley is a slut

  12. Exquizit says

    Shut the fuck up and let a person be who the fuck they want to be I hate the media and It's self apointed judgement on people tack a look at your self and try not to hate your self as much as you hate others that are just trying to exist

  13. Alhera Khan says

    She is crazy.

  14. missybeebee says

    The song was written and recorded before their breakup lol

  15. Joana Paula Miranda says

    Dave d ikr

  16. Myrna Lemke says

    ☆☆☆ Liam was right to ditch Miley!!! You want to act like a slut…….that's how you will get treated!!! Any man of real moral value, would touch her with a ten foot pole!!!

  17. Vero Chaves says

    Las mujeres que se meten en la relación de una pareja se les llama putas y la tal iza o como se llame para mi es una zorra pero en esta vida hay algo llamado carma….

  18. simba casey says

    Wow when Janet Jackson breast was shown by accident the world went into shock but this skinny stupid ugly lil white no shaped clown shows her breast everywhere and that's cool I would rather look at a breast out off a KFC bucket than Miley Cyrus YUCK

  19. Cheryl Wooden says

    Trashy whore each all sex movies on porn hub in google not Youtube

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