Kylie Jenner reacts to Sex Tape allegations and Getting Hacked on Twitter today via her Snapchat (FULL VIDEO)

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  1. Zuleyma Flores says

    that's a violation of her personal life

  2. Ivoree S says

    I swear her plastic surgeons need to win like a noble prize, a purple heart and a grammy.

  3. Angel Girl says

    Sex tapes are for those who want to get famous….she doesn't need this step..she already is

  4. Len Dodson says

    does this little hoe every shut to fuk up

  5. Bitch you do care that's why you addressed it. If you really didn't you wouldn't have said shit.

  6. BigDaniel 77 says

    You're so hot Kylie

  7. sweetd097 says

    It's not going to happen….or it doesn't exist??

  8. Rocket says

    quit feeding your face long enough to talk …Ugh!! The Kartrashians are all so gross!!

  9. Tyishia Rodriguez says

    she said she wasn't going to make a sex tape and they said she was……wth.

  10. Chanel Law says

    I want to know what she's eating

  11. Lea Johnson says

    We don't want to see a sex tape of u anyways

  12. celebs beauty says

    who hate kylie

  13. Petite Nuggie says

    the sound she makes at 0:06 with her mouth sounds like the Twitter refresh

  14. Petite Nuggie says

    the sound she makes at 0:06 with her mouth sounds like the Twitter refresh

  15. jessica23jessica says

    you should have learned not to do one in the first place if u didn't want it to get out if there even is a sex tape. girl you know what your doing and you know you want it to get out because you know you wish you can follow your sisters footsteps to stardom even more than ever. its the kardashian way. get your money B. im not hatin. you a bad B anyway. there are tons of ways to make money so capitalize make that money all that money

  16. Genavieve C says

    She would be just like her sister if she does that.

  17. moonlight bae says

    she have a sensual voice

  18. Bangladesh Rakib says

    your country

  19. ela solmaz says

    I prefer kendall

  20. Howard Burchette says


  21. Michael Martin says

    Shut the fuck up hore. release the tape so we would have a reason to hear from yah lame ass

  22. NeonExtraSir says

    Lol who needs a sex tape? She already has photos of herself half naked so heres your soft porn right there lol.

  23. Chloe official says

    kylie doesnt want to make the same mistake that happened with kim i love kylie

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