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  1. Piggy Piggy says

    u belong with me
    that is what she said

  2. Kimberly D Rusk says

    I'm 8

  3. Kimberly D Rusk says

    I'm 8

  4. Kimberly D Rusk says

    I'm 8

  5. That what she suppose to do

  6. Sid Thomson says

    Taylor could get naked and be banging herself and I still would puke.

  7. wow i really wish got naked because she deserves it but atleast she got half-naked so i will picture it and share it to the world because she deserves to be embarresed and humilliated just like now

  8. Bonnzie Fnaf fan951 says

    OMG 1:08

  9. Avionna Lavigne Vera says

    Shake it of they said…..

  10. Michael Franco says

    she's hot

  11. Sendy Castillo says

    ha ha so funny

  12. gil.gosseyn says

    YouTube needs to start some kind of "Truth in Titling" policy. She doesn't "almost get naked." A gust of air blows up the back of her dress, revealing her butt, clad in what looks like a flesh-colored pair of Spanx and pantyhose. She might as well be wearing jeans.

  13. dewasis abbus says

    I like it

  14. Afia Huq says

    why people go to see such shit?

  15. der Skipp says

    DUDE I WAS SINGING! Don't be so rude and end the video when I'm supposed to sing along!!!

  16. Ronald Yauo says

    I like it

  17. farhat alam says

    I am 9

  18. Tucker dreams says

    you go girl

  19. DOITNOW00 says

    Was this on purpose?

  20. chris cooper says

    I know him

  21. Makayla Garza says

    I feel so bad for her everyone will remember that moment

  22. shiryu says


  23. engineerpat 5290 says


  24. engineerpat 5290 says


  25. Reputation Tay says

    That's normal duh at she's not naked like other celebs out there who goes and show off their big butts and boobs without any clothes on…

  26. EmptyJungle 8444 says

    1:06 thank me later

  27. Legend- _-Modz says

    put it in slow mo to see the full thing lol

  28. Ken Tan says

    I would do anything to kiss that ass

  29. EricYT says

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