Miley Cyrus Worst Moments – Twerking, Fights & More


Miley Cyrus the queen of controversies have had a lot of moments which she wouldn’t want to relive. Check out some of the worst moments. Twerking, Fighting with papaz and more.

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  1. Christa C says

    that girl needs a dance teacher STAT! Or fire the one she has. The little spoiled cunt.

  2. بغداد عشقي says

    she is shit

  3. They call u Crybaby crybaby says

    Come on, she's just having fun.

  4. Jamal Rhannam says

    i am disgusted

  5. just livelife says

    i think she did all of these to clear Hannah Montana image because as Hannah Montana she couldn't do more things because Hannah was a very good girl image and being a pop icon as Hannah Montana was hard. i really love her and she is talented and she has an awesome voice

  6. This is why my mom would never let me watch Miley when I was little

  7. Lizzy Dizzy says

    I don't even think miley Cyrus can twerk

  8. Mr.X from andromeda says


  9. Valerie Powers says


  10. D_ Brosk says

    she has no ass, why is she tryin' shake her butt? lol

  11. john cena says

    Poor Miley

  12. WHO FARTED says

    I give this bitch 5 years tops overdose in some Manhattan townhouse or something

  13. Dion Tjahjono says

    it's hard not to hate this girl. she's ugly, disgusting, annoying, and basically all the bad qualities you can find in a woman, she has em all.

  14. Stephen says

    OK but how is fans and paparazzi harassing her her worst moments

  15. Mira____ says

    Ahh the old miley

  16. Tree Shawn says


  17. hailee & taryn fun says

    Are you gud bro?

  18. Mondo Delle uoVa says

    love u miley from italy!!! <3 <3

  19. Osky Gaming says

    0:25 when she realizes people know your bs'in lol

  20. Janae Flood says

    I hate her she a slut and rude asf she can't even twerk and she ugly asf

  21. Baby Jan says

    I Like The Music at the Part 1:59,I wish to tell me what is here Name!!

  22. Kirsten Evans says

    What a dirty whore. Is this the only way this bitch can make money by acting like a complete slut. What a disrespectful ill-mannered anorexic looking prostitute. Disgusting!!

  23. Ranwolfe says

    Trys to show off that not so great of body

  24. GREATWHITE2 says


  25. lylou dupont says

    Y a t'il un ou une Français(e) ici ?!

  26. Overcomer Ministry says

    Filth is defined as: offensive or disgusting dirt or refuse; foul matter:

  27. Colin Jenkins says

    Miley: I'm a feminist. You can't look at me cause you're objectifying me sexually.
    (Wears next to nothing and rubs pussy on stage)

    Lmao she's one stupid bitch…..

  28. Sweet Kitten says

    The back up dancers have more ass than her……

  29. Кирилл Дударь says

    наркоманы ёбанные!

  30. Kamo Kamo says

    I do t blame her for the paparazz

  31. emma pederson says

    stop being so mean to miley cyrus she is a good singer and she deserves all the fans in the world so stop making fun of her at least she is way more nicer than you guys who are saying so much mean stuff. and i am standing up for her because she is a good person and she is my favorite singer ever

  32. Smeagol Gollums says

    She's like that girl at the party who all the guys have slept with.

  33. MissAmazanda says

    My gosh i've never seen any celebrity try so hard to get attention in my life, is there anything she won't do to get noticed?lol

  34. d lieffering says

    u must be a special kind of asshole to be a papparazi, why are we keeping this profession alive? :O

  35. Mary P says

    What does she say when the girl asks if she's pregnant?? I miss her crazy moments hAha

  36. Leave her alone blood sucking media

  37. Jayan Divakaran says

    Illuminati killing this shit

  38. Hey dude leave her alone no you can’t stop being an asshole god

  39. Heru- deshet says

    Cyrus becomes more disgusting every day.

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