Beyonce Photos Without Photoshop Spark Outrage


New unretouched photos of Beyonce from a 2013 L’Oreal ad have been leaked. Is this a move towards more honest advertising or simply a glimpse into the frightening world of our media. Don’t…

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  1. Stephanie Sanders says

    It's pronounced "Beehive". for BEYonce.

  2. Dwight Edwards says

    women love to wear makeup, even regular cameras automatically clears up blemishes

  3. Eve Brown says

    She is beautiful even without retouched pictures ^_^ And I'm not even a fan of hers. hehe

  4. SE elaine says

    Okay she's still pretty sooooo. Um yea.

  5. Latrese Rutledge says

    I don't believe these photos. Beyonce is always caught by cameras without makeup. She never looked like That.

  6. Gloria Davis says

    Back off Bey get paid doing what

  7. Gloria Davis says

    she love doing what she love Girl Get paid

  8. Trollz says

    Do people really waste there time worrying about crap like this? I've always hated makeup. Throw the shit out, everyone looks fine without it.

  9. myastroflight says

    Ewwwwww damn man stop behaving like a driveling SIMP… or are you a member of the Church of Bey?

  10. Madeline Sexton says

    This girl is saying "shes a real woman! one of us!" … she has layers of makeup on…so what does that make you?

  11. evie soto says

    We ALL look better with makeup….
    So the point is?

  12. Linda Casey says

    Oh vomit !!!!

  13. yasmine bear says

    Beyoncé still looks good to me without photoshopped . Beyoncé still looks in real life ! Xoxo

  14. realist says

    this why I date women who don't wear make up I call them make up wearing women decepticons

  15. yrellim says

    no one thinks beyonce looks anything like she does in the mags ect in real life???

  16. Textynn says

    she looks like she doesn't take care of her skin at all. REal people give themselves facials, remove whiteheads, and get rid of excessive oil. She looks dirty.

  17. Destiel Shiraz says

    Damn, guess the bimbo forgot to ask Lucifer for good looks when she traded her soul. Poor Beyoncé! Bitch is a ginormous gyrating geriatric hippo who sucks Satan's cock for a living. No, no one is jealous of this crap shoot. It is disgusting what she stands for.

  18. Sarah Green says

    This may sound stupid, but I had not idea that makeup companies photoshopped the models in their ads. Sound like false advertisement. I never thought that happened. Anyways, Bey is always a striking beauty to me. Leaked photo's or not.

  19. Elizabeth Hemingway says

    She's still fabulous!

  20. Sue Burgess says

    Can we PLEASE SEE the photos .. while you talk??

  21. Angel Dunbar says


  22. Smile Igel says

    its the make-up that kinda makes her look rough in the photos. without make-up, shes much more beautiful!

  23. Tycella Alexander says

    I met Beyonce in 2001 at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston,TX. I was on my way to Nigeria & I wasn't looking up to par myself & I saod,"I would always sing,No,no,no,no,no if I ever met Destiny's Child/members. Antywho,Beyonce was walking down corridor with her crew. She literally turned back in came back up to me & all I could say was "OH MY GOD,YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. SHE HAD ON NO MAKE UP &HER HAIR WAS PULLED BACK IN A PONYTAIL. SO,YONCE CAN SAY SHE WOKE SAY SHE WOKE UP LIKE THAT. HATERS NEED TO SUCK ON SOME BALLS PAUSE SHE HAD ENOUGH. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. shannon jalowiecz says

    not a fan of her at all but I think she would have looked much better with out the makeup.

  25. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says

    Also she's taken bad photos too. They're all over the internet

  26. phsyco anime lover says

    she looks like her age

  27. Kelleesha Ffrench says

    She not flawless

  28. novemberain says

    She looks like a man, which NO REAL WOMAN wants to look like…nasty !!!

  29. Tina Brown says

    look old

  30. Tina Brown says

    just like her mom old in ugly

  31. Tiffany Funches says

    Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. If I need someone to falsify my image that stupid, I'd just rather not be the one getting it done. What would I look like when it's time for me to meet and greet my fans face to face. Notice, how she always performs from a distance. Maybe this is why. As for a real woman, I wake up every morning with the skin I'm in and I have gorgeous photos, a nice body and great skin without ever having to photo shop.

  32. August Summers says


  33. Michael Martin says

    But…her songs DO suck…

  34. Cecilia Mack says

    We all have something that is not perfect about us. When you work as much as she does or you have a job that can take a lot out of, you will have acne problems.  This has no age limited those who are in there 50's deal with acne too.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  35. Angela Jackson says


  36. AaliyahPlaysMsp says

    I think these pictures are fake…

  37. Carlos Nejuan says

    Beyonce is trans just like the other celebs that's why her skin is rough it's a man that wears a lot of make up and has to do be able to pull the look off.over 90% of our stars are trans either mtf or ftm

  38. Queen Love says


  39. James Maguire says

    Boy Once is a Man

  40. chiqichiqi1 says

    these two are annoying af

  41. Demetrius Pinder says


  42. Tonja Fortson says

    she doesnt wake up like this it is a person not perfect.

  43. SenZen Inspired says

    I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything. Beyoncé didn't look good to me in those pictures. Not because they were untouched but because the amount of make-up on her face was just too much and too obvious. I bet she would've looked way better in those pictures without any make-up at all.

  44. Sylvia Crafts says

    She looks horrible with that makeup but on the natural she looks AMAZING! GORGEOUS NATURAL BEAUTY.

  45. Beverly Poehlman says

    shes a tranny…wake up

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