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  1. Tiana Hudson says

    when you not poppin anymore so you throw a party with you and your black friend with one bottle

  2. mayzee shay says

    Who else thought 'kylie' sounded like Kim kardashian

  3. DeX says


  4. High - Tech Media says

    What's the name of that beat though

  5. Dylan Kemp says

    What club do you go to?

  6. is that rlly Kylie

  7. RetroGaming 003 says

    2:00 made had me dead hue huea huea huea

  8. Adam De Sousa says

    That bootleg ass kylie jenner

  9. BabakG1 says

    Trashy pedophile

  10. Cass Hope says

    Stop cheating on Corinna even tho ur not together

  11. Rudy Nieves says

    was that really her ?

  12. Rüm Rüm says

    i love dom no matter what.

  13. Jason Brown says


  14. Joey Williams says

    You truly are an inspiration durte dom

  15. Hermped says

    bruh dom out here living fucking bitches

  16. NebIsLit says

    thats not kylie jenner. thats her look a like

  17. Christian Peña says

    she needs to go to faze rug

  18. Queen Lae says

    I feel bad for her face

  19. Preston220 says

    Is Kylie marks girlfriend or is that someone else

  20. Isioma Asianah says


  21. AleGM 07 says

    Thts not kylie but oki

  22. Sangwoo that Yoonbum says

    I don't get why Dom gets so much shit, he's fucking great

  23. Coco Nut says

    That not Kylie

  24. Jose_ 84 says

    Was it Kylie lmao im dumb

  25. Yuvraj Zala says

    Is it me or people have certain affection (like we have to poor people ) for DOM.

  26. Castiel girl says

    i can drink vodka straight up im not older than 16

  27. Arianna Gall says

    Was he high or drunk when he was "inspiring us " pls answer skmeone

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