Kris Jenner Allegedly Leaked Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape in New Tell-All Book


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  1. Polish Rainbow says

    This isnt news – we all know she released it.

  2. Tania Ramirez says


  3. Amanda Lilo says

    Kris is a horrible mom :/

  4. oana767 says

    Why am i not surprised ? haha

  5. Adriana Quintana Suarez says

    This family is kind of insane

  6. Ikarhbz Gahk says

    They are messed up!!

  7. Piia MX says

    I wouldn't be surprised if I'm honest haha

  8. Natalia Stornello says

    Poor Kim

  9. Hey Tash says

    this family is crazy and will sell their soul for fame

  10. Mecca Sunnah says


  11. Linda Goffigan says

    A 5 million dollar settlement.

  12. Cloraxxx Beau says

    this is why i never liked them…& ewww this is disgusting

  13. Jeff Kiper says

    That's what I'd heard and believed it too, which is pretty sick, your own mother pimpin' you out for the whole world to see. They all look like porn stars anyway, the way they dress and the excessive makeup they wear. Anything for a buck!

  14. giulia Italy says

    All it's a comedy, organized, and this woman is capable of all, not surprised, poor daughter, and poor Bob, with this mother, sisters, and a stepphather…as ..

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