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  1. Tom Patrick says

    I love you JUSTIN BIEBER AND I LOVE YOUR songs One Less Lonely Girl

  2. Bomboncito De azucar says

    I'm not really a fan of Justin Beiber but this song is so cute and sweet 🙂

  3. elshan tap says

    2017 and i like this song always

  4. Papo Teen says


  5. Mia Figueroa says

    Who’s listening to this in 2017 #belieberforlife

  6. Andres villarreal perez says

    justin bieber

  7. Katrina Denny says

    2017 and still listening OMGGG

  8. Alicia Banuelos says


  9. janessa aiono says

    its 12/14/17 and im still listening to this song and many others

  10. Vivek Nayak says

    I like this song because of its tone and its voice

  11. Brenda Lee says

    Justice Bieber baby one girl

  12. Gabriel Yosup Tiglao says


  13. Ryana Martinez says

    Love you Justin bieber

  14. Ryana Martinez says

    JB is the handsome boy

  15. John peter Cardinales says

    it is still 2018 and I still listen of her old song.. idol..

  16. Nadine Hawatmeh says

    Who still listens to this in 2018???

  17. Elma Bulliqi says

    Listing this in 2018 and I love this song

  18. Vivek Kumar says

    anyone in 2018?

  19. Anka Shankova says

    What ….you hate justin bieber or this song of justin bieber.. Justin bieber is the best….

  20. Jae Kimbrough says

    0:11 I thought it was

    im gonna be one less lonely girl

  21. Melaniee Chriss says

    Theresgonna be one less lonely girl <3

  22. Maximus's Musics says

    no bass

  23. Jitendra Jadhav says

    I like this song

  24. Yoga Lakshmi says

    i love this song

  25. Andres villarreal perez says

    I love you song you Hot

  26. Kristine Enriquez says


  27. Rebecca Rebekah says

    magic still alive

  28. S Alfred says

    2018 and now I'm feeling old

  29. Sandra Acevedo says

    2018 I listening

  30. Aline Macedo says

    2018 ❤❤❤

  31. Aliza Munir says

    Like whose here in 2018!!

  32. Jungkook Pabo says

    2018 🙁

  33. Madhu Shah says

    Justin is now 23 still it is my dream to be his one less lonely girl

  34. Madhu Shah says

    2018 still listen this song

  35. Madhu Shah says

    Whenever i listen his voice i feel relax no one can take his place in my heart

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