Selena Gomez Asked About Justin Bieber Kissing Photos [2011]


Saturday, January 8, 2011: Selena Gomez stayed mum when asked if she’s going steady with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, and also when asked about the kissing photos of them that surfaced on…

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  1. LXS BR says

    No respect paparazzi

  2. Sarika Magar says

    Leave her alone

  3. FA FA says

    Leave her motherfucker

  4. Payal Sharma says

    Who is paparazzi

  5. Justin BiEber says

    Don't tease her please and don't ask her such questions which r totally belongs to her private life.

  6. Nathrin Haque says

    Love u Selena forever

  7. Nathrin Haque says

    I want to meet with you Selena

  8. Sarah Assem says

    Why does she eat like that lol.

  9. Debora Delafoi says

    she is beautiful I love Selena

  10. Vanessa Torres says

    This bit h never answers questions

  11. shan r says

    wow trash holding trash lol

  12. Arun M says

    she not answer but I know she will never stop to kiss and love justin

  13. Malina says

    thats an old video

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