Miley Cyrus Brand New Leaked Pics sent to Nick Jonas?????


okay. i deleted the description in here. first off- i’m a huge miley fan and i made this video just to show the pictures she took. second- i made this video before i was a huge fan of miley….

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  1. liztinkerbell says


    do you mean you think he's gay?

    all men would enjoy pictures of their girlfriend naked.

    and the pics are from october of this year.. so probably she sent them then.

  2. liztinkerbell says

    his parents dont know everything he does 🙂

  3. liztinkerbell says

    he would wear it because it's good for his image.

  4. liztinkerbell says


    do YOU know him?
    his parents aren't with him every second i can guarantee it. anyway, its sad that it would damage anyones opinion on him if he did have sex because it's no ones fucking business but his and her's. purity rings are pathetic and the only reason those guys wear them is for their image.

  5. Val Anderson says

    yeah his parents seem pretty strict about their christianity.
    i think nick wouldnt break his purity ring promise.
    the hacker is probably trying to start shit
    thats not true so that people can start fueding over it.

  6. rissax0 says

    i really think you guys need to know that they are human. nick jonas is not a virgin…is he not a man with a dick and two balls? u guys are really crazy if u think that lil boy wasnt smashin miley. anyways who cares? a lot of 15 year olds are having sex and getting pregnant. shes just showing a lil something something. u youngins should worry about mccain becoming president (if he does we're in iraq for 100 more years) that effects u before me 😉

  7. PilotxToBase says

    Nobody hates her cuz she dated Nick Jonas. I think people don't like her because she claims she is "such a christian" but she goes & does this stuff. She use God to cover things up, she's always like "god bless" & "my lord and savior jesus christ". But she poses & lifts up her shirts in pictures & sends them to guys. All im saying is if she wants to go about her life like this, please don't act like you all about god & stuff.

  8. Val Anderson says

    yeh i think that the hacker is lying about the sex thing.
    idk about miley but i doubt nick would break his purity ring promise.
    and telling by the way he was raised from his parents.
    they seem pretty strict about their christianity and i wouldnt think that nick would do that shit.

  9. liztinkerbell says

    it was october 07, check the date at the bottom of the pictures….

  10. liztinkerbell says

    do you believe everything the jonas brothers say?

  11. liztinkerbell says

    LOL you're a psycho obsessed fan. would your world crash down if one of them had sex?

  12. liztinkerbell says

    LMAO you call yourself a christian? what happened to thou shalt not judge? you are the fucking reason most people HATE christianity because you put everyone else down who may have different beliefs than you. nobody but God has the right to say who's going to hell, so you can just shut the fuck up with your judgemental holier than thou ass.

  13. rissax0 says

    Exactly. Every sin is equal unless you deny God. If you have sex before marriage, its the same as if you murder someone in God eyes. God forgives you if in your heart you truly want to be forgiven. And not everybody who had sex before marriage are going to hell. Just ignore the psycho obsessed fan. Shes not a psycho obsessed fan but her screen name is JonasBrothaaas? Sounds obsessived to me.

  14. liztinkerbell says

    thanks rissa 🙂 you worded it better than i could LOL!

  15. liztinkerbell says

    yeah but you mentioned the bible which is the religious book for Christians. but if you want to pick at my argument, whatever. LOL

  16. A J says

    When will the girl learn? Hasn't this happened to her already? I hate these Disney "celebs" who claim to be all pure and innocent, then pull stuff like this.

  17. coolgeek08 says

    well miley is going to learn from this and she knows what she did wrong but i will support miley all the way!!!

  18. robfan09 says

    Omg these pictures are SO TERRIBLE.

    Wow. She's a teenager and has a life. She just happens to be a celebrity. Who cares?

  19. Liz Anderson says

    whore…. lol i still love her anyway though.

  20. theresa o says

    stop hacking hacker. thoses are ridiculous.

  21. Haley Rose says

    Give Miley a break! She is fifteen and no one is perfect! Seriously! None of those pictures are bad anyways and SO WHAT if she sent them to Nick Jonas!

  22. Isabel Marquez says

    give miley a break!!she's 15 and she makes mistakes like every one else so shut up about miley!

  23. Brittany Graham says

    WHAt is this. i want to see some nudes

  24. Jenice Chapero says

    mileyyy haterrsz shut the fucc up

  25. GerardsEmoGirlfriend says

    you never know there is a such thing as called breaking a promise…

  26. missyme1995 says

    she's so drity bu ti still like her

  27. KylisonEvil says

    She's prety girl =x

    Her body is so nice!

  28. Rudy says

    shes showing her belly button
    and taking pictures in bathing suits.
    cant these people leave her alone!
    c'mon there not even bad.
    she has no reason to get fired from disney.
    i mean if thats the case why didnt they just fire vanessa OKAY

  29. Amy Danielle says

    becuase shes a mong

  30. Amy Danielle says

    so we have our own opinions and some people hate her
    Like me for example

  31. Renate13 says

    someone hacked her computer and layed the picture out on net,poor miley! i support you!

  32. Renate13 says

    call me what the fuck u want,i dont care,i dont call ppl does words just because im on youtube, i will always support miley <3

  33. musicismylife0006 says

    these pics r not that bad but she's done worse. I understand she's 16 or watever and that most 16 yer olds take slutty pics but she's not normal! Can't u see that shes got milions of 5 to 10 year old fans and i think she can somehow survive without doin these kid of photos, and if she cant she shouldnt have taken such a big responsibility! I dont like her music but that doesnt mean i wud think differently if i did

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