Beyonce Naked Pregnant Photos BREAK Selena Gomez Instagram Record For Most Likes & Comments


Beyonce set the world on fire yesterday when she shared the news that her hubby Jay Z are welcoming two new babies to the carter family. She also set Instagram on fire setting the new record…

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  1. Kaiya Breda says

    Hopefully it's Two girls

  2. TheGaming Mushroom says

    She still looks good pregantanat

  3. American Citizen says

    She looks like a cow.

  4. American Citizen says

    This is beyond shallow. America has reached a new intellectual low.

  5. I think she's having twoo girls

  6. toya adams says

    Blue Ivy looks soooo pretty in these pics with Beyonce…I'm glad Bey put her in the pics with her so all you hating ass bitches that's been calling that child names since she took her first breath can see just how beautiful that precious little angel is…I always said she was cute as a button even when she didn't have her hair done, and as you ho's can see she has very beautiful long hair bcuz Beyonce wasn't doing it all tight and just letting it grow…best wishes to her & JayZ and Blue and I hope her new babies are just as adorable and loving as their big sister…

  7. Aunyéa Lachelle says

    Only Beyonce can truly break the internet! Lol .. I made a video giving funny commentary on her pregnancy announcement on my channel!

  8. Maya Unicorn Slime says

    it is not true

  9. Mickayla Jones says

    that's a good thing am happy for you queen bee

  10. Mack Pascale says


  11. S B. says

    Ok. This is the new version of headlines. smh

  12. SmarksSucks says

    not for facebook

  13. Anne says

    Its so weird she looks so much like Solange in the pics, and she was so eager to show herself preggers and naked..wonder why when shes usually so secretive…

  14. Christy Williams says

    yay for her she doesn't have to pretend no more our really pregnant unlike before good job girl which one will you  sacrifice beyonce or should I say sasha

  15. Tammy Leonard says

    now she wanna prove still don't like her

  16. Jordin Miller says


  17. Aoife is Awesomelol says

    She should name her babies peanut butter and jelly

  18. Lil Girl says

    Beyoncé changed a lot … I like the old Beyoncé the Beyoncé that wasn't so crazy about having children ….

  19. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Damn cool

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