10 Guys Kylie Jenner Has Dated


10 Guys you didn’t know Kylie Jenner has been with. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 —————————————————————————————– Keeping up with…

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  1. Edson Olmedo says

    Travis > all other guys

  2. Karisma McKay says

    Feb 15…. Stormi

  3. J. J Robby says

    For only 20 she as been all over the place. That's rather tacky !.

  4. griselda blanco says

    Kylie is a hoe

  5. Bunmi Bolu says

    ???? Did she start dating from age ?

  6. hood patch says

    Woah, that was a lil twist that she dated Justin's best friend.

  7. Carmen Biciu says

    justin and kylie never were together loool

  8. Alumni Batgang says

    Next Video ,,10 Guys who fucked Kylie Jenner,, ayee

  9. Popthetime Poptheclock says

    travis scott and kylie jenner are so cute together

  10. susan marietha says

    What Kardashians talents actually?all of this just a crap

  11. Jael-Karmel Pedak says

    Tarvis Scott is not her ex they are still in love and Tarvis loves their baby sooo they are still in love and i think that Tarvis and Kylie is the best couple ever…

  12. Nancy B says

    I can not believe the creeps this ho has hooked up with…

  13. Csneaks Life says

    There’s no way Kylie hooked up wit stitches and ink monster they both look creepy

  14. Chestney Chiller says

    UMMM. Cody’s fans did NOT want them together. This is a lie

  15. Meli A says

    And now is travis the baby daddy of kylies storme

  16. Jeanne Barrios says

    Kylie is such a slut!

  17. Patrica Dyson says

    Why does she choose the ugly ones, She has 4sisters and a mother. None of them tried to put her in the right direction..ugly guys .low self esteem…

  18. Patrica Dyson says

    I am getting the feeling that white guts get rid of her ,,I could be wrong ..it just seems that way….

  19. alex Pamei says

    kylie is getting ugly day by day….seriously with all the make up and stuff she look so old and not fresh at all…
    my oppinion

  20. flowered says

    That’s who was in partynextdoor music video!

  21. Bella M says

    Yeah now Kylie had the baby

  22. Dj so cool Dj says

    Travis Scott

  23. Andaramurti Anindita says

    So, im still confused…
    Who is Stormi's Father??

  24. Nova Lash says

    This, my friends has showed us she's a rich thot

  25. michael corleone says

    So she has a terrible taste for guys.. ok

  26. lexy p says

    I have date with no body

  27. lexy p says

    So sad

  28. {Señorita} says

    Just like her sisters…

  29. Leart Hoxha says

    7:23 song ?

  30. allison wilson says

    Data employment criteria hold along interested strike rich ownership sale.

  31. Romina Basho says

    Justin bieber is just for Kylie

  32. Romina Basho says

    But tyga is the best

  33. Jazmin Alonso says

    I know stitches didn’t date Kylie he is to ugly for her

  34. Jazmin Alonso says

    I know stitches didn’t date Kylie he is to ugly for her

  35. amela xo says

    Seriously yuck she dates the ugliest guys

  36. Chey Songz says

    I love how people are calling her a whore but all of these she never confirmed.

  37. Waves ThirtyFour says

    This is creepy.

  38. Winters Cry says

    Ef’d up family! Mom, dad/mom, sisters, mercy.

  39. Kim Flowers says

    Well I be damn. Kylie was just born in 1997. That's all I'm going to say.

  40. Cesar Valle says

    I dicked her down back in high school when we were freshman.

  41. Dejha Price says

    Her true love was nobody she's worst then Taylor swift

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