30 Girls Justin Bieber Has Slept With


The long list of models and singers who have been with pop superstar Justin Bieber. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ——————————————————————————–…

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  1. miriam souza fernandes says

    selena gomez e seus chipres.

  2. dark knight says

    like what the F dude

  3. Xbabar says

    I respect him now

  4. Sho Yu Ng says

    Really don't understand the point of making this video, and the title is very misleading…

  5. TheiceQueen7315 says

    That fact that this is a list and that there was 30 girls is terrible

  6. Jason Thompson says

    They should have "Justin's 30 STD's he has contracted"

  7. Lulu Chun says

    oh no

  8. Awesome Kitty says

    I regret liking him at 13 and I want my money back

  9. Malu Trevejo says

    Limghribi like

  10. Christian Blade says

    I believe Justin Bieber gets constantly criticized and ridiculed a lot by people which I don't think is really fair to him, but If I ever had the lucky honor of being with Selena Gomez I absolutely would never take that for granted.

  11. Jb KIng says

    Did you guys hear the list 30,I am still struggling with 1

  12. Teri Clements says

    He's had more girlfriends than I've had shoes

  13. Avah Chick says


  14. Monkey Douglas says

    My cousins name is Jasmine

  15. Asti Larasati says

    i'm so mad that justin get back with selena… i love them both but i can't see them together anymore. i don't know why…

  16. Monica Jensen says

    I love Justin but jezzzz

  17. Emma Wa says

    Dang so many people

  18. Monse Martinez says

    Cailin Russo
    Alex Russo

  19. Smart Choice says

    30 girls now have stds.

  20. ssjTeXas says

    Cant hate on the kid, his woman are better than mine lol

  21. Nevaeh Reynolds says

    he is guy

  22. Aswin Kailas says

    lucky fucker

  23. Silvia Alcazar says

    I hate him so much

  24. ALEX 123 says

    Your the worst Justin

  25. Randy Bittle says

    Lol is an acronym for laughing out loud. Jajaja, like hahaha in English.

  26. Caylie Fuller says

    Doubt he slept with all these girls..

  27. Milo-ballz101 says

    Out of all of the girl's he's been with, he's still gay!!

  28. Catchme ifucan says

    I can spend my whole life with ☝ one of them

  29. Altea Pajarillo says

    Ok, bring back Jelena! And no for maddison beer and jb, only beer and gillinsky

  30. Hidden Guy says


  31. Sophia Super says

    Okay, he NEEDS to pick somebody already!

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