OMG! Justin Bieber, Drake and More Celebs BOYCOTTING the 2017 Grammys


The Grammys are fast approaching and it won’t be a packed house like usual! Stars are boycotting the music awards show on February 12th. That’s two weeks away, which gives them time to…

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  1. Warrior Lovato says

    It's the Oscar's all over again

  2. Warrior Lovato says

    Kanye isn't going because Taylor Swift will be there

  3. Yocoxo Yoyo says

    So what if they don't want to go

  4. Natalia Stornello says

    Plz come Kanye!

  5. Kalani Oney says

    OMG, Justin isn't going to the Grammy. Because his dad is getting Married. Hollywood Scoop don't know Shit. Why The Hell would they bring Selena, she has her own life. That doesn't involve Justin. You idiots. Tabloids Are the Dumbest Crackheads who don't know Anything.

  6. Noartist says

    wtf is with these entitled babies. So youre going to skip the grammys because not enough black people are winning? doesnt kanye have 21 grammys? lol oh wait.. but everytime he went up against a white artist they won right.. omg. get over this bullshit and quit making everything racial. There are plenty of black artists on the radio and nominated for grammys.. infact i would say majority of what i see at music awards are black. When will these people (particular people) stop complaining and blaming everything on racism. i know many black people who agree and think its ridiculous

  7. John Gallardo says

    She's annoying

  8. Cindy w says

    no one gives a flying flip if Kanye goes or not! In fact, no one's going to care if ANY of the narcissistic freaks of nature go. There are just completely full of themselves

  9. junstin biber or nem biber says

    new sorry i love junstin Biber no

  10. kevin castillo says

    oh so the Grammy's was like you know what after Kendrick Lamar showed us how a true artist is. having originality , doing an outstanding performance with art, lyricism and passion. for being a poet and writing his own lyrics. the Grammy's now only will support real artist. Kanye Drake Bieber all complain and don't do it for the art and love. so now they all in their feelings. lol.

  11. Nigel Uchiha says

    No one is boycotting the grammies lol. People just aren't going.

  12. Jacqueline Van Bierk says

    slightly deceiving headline no? Sounds like they just don't feel like going.

  13. Alex lopa says

    Grammys are shit with floponce who bought everything and with shitty critics and people to attend

  14. Ayiti Cheri says

    Kanye isn't coming. I might not watch it anymore.

  15. Dada13409 says

    who gives a fuck?^^

  16. EMAY says

    why do they have to have a reason to not go?

  17. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Wtf The Grammy's are important

  18. Race Traitor says

    American music would be shit without black people

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