The Real Reason Why Demi Lovato And Taylor Swift Hate Each Other


If you’re new, Subscribe! → Demi Lovato has made it pretty obvious that she’s not a Taylor Swift fan — and certainly not a member of Swift’s notorious…

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  1. Nicki Swift says

    Whose team are you on? Demi's or Taylor's?

  2. D Kruz says

    I never trust a narcissist, but they love me.

  3. Vítor Duarte says

    So, Taylor never did nothing to Demi, but Demi keep throwing shade and hate for Taylor? Ok demi u are a little messy

  4. Claudia Scheele says

    Demi Lovato is desperate to catch any attention without blink

  5. twinkle7498 says

    I really dont care

  6. Jane Baker says

    Why did she gate swift for not supporting Keshav , but then hating her for giving kesha 250k?

  7. ImmortalChaos says

    Maybe Lovato is crushing on Swift, this video makes it appear like she is kind of fixated on her. Also, this video made it seem one-sided since it was really just Lovato commenting on Swift.

  8. Cessy Prince says

    Demi is jealous of Taylor because she stole her bestfriend Selena Gomez.

  9. Luna Kelly says

    Demi threw shade at Taylor for not hashtagging #FreeKesha and then threw shade because Taylor doing something that actually directly helped Kesha.
    Taylor just can't win can she?

  10. Utube numbahonefan says

    stop~twisting stories to make spicy STORIES

  11. Carlos Eduardo Vieira says

    But Kim curves are Just plastic surgery!

  12. Edgy Shay says

    I feel like Demi is just pissed because Taylor has gone very far just by singing about things Demi doesn’t really values. Demi sings about becoming stronger while Taylor sings about how something hurt her and just turns it into hatred. They both have different ways of coping and moving on, but Demi wants people to be stronger and I feel like Taylor just likes to out people for what they did to hurt her. Even though Demi does talk about why she dislikes Taylor, her career is not based on that.

  13. BuddahFlower says

    Well I kinda agree with Demi, especially about embracing your own body, and when Taylors career mostly is fueled by her love life, but I love both of their music and I wish they could just not have any bad blood between them.

  14. crazy girl says

    Demi is an open book and this tweets are a bit old hein? after simply complicated you just can't hate demi
    I respect both of them, and I don't wanna pick sides

  15. Alex Cameron says

    As far as I see this…. It's just demi being a bitch and going after someone who is better than her.

  16. Mr. Laceration says

    Does Taylor even know Demi exists? She has literally never mentioned Demi in her life, Demo Flopato is just trying too hard to get attention

  17. Elize Lizz says

    Demi Lovato have just lost a fan. Bye Bye Demi! See ya! ✌️

  18. Hannah Jacobs says

    Demi is way too insecure…..

  19. Hannah Jacobs says

    This video is literally just about demi hating Taylor ,not Taylor hating demi…

  20. LovaticForLife says

    Taylor Swift is a mean blonde girl of music industry's high school… she has a squad of thin white rich girls who bully talented, down to earth and REAL girls like Demi Lovato…!!!!!

  21. Pixie Carol says

    lol the video title should be "Reasons why Demi hates Taylor"

  22. Tanvi Jain says

    Better title: Demi's excuses for hating Taylor because she is envious AF

  23. Elena Ycp says

    Didn't finish the vid. I said mentally if it's over a male then I'm outta here. Freaking ridiculous. Id understand it if was competitive differences, since they are in the same industry, but seriously, over a dude. Screw that. Even if they didn't get on cause of their personalities differences, that would be acceptable, but for crying out loud. Get over it. rolls eyes

  24. Kesha Croft says

    Demi Lovato is insufferable. Why can't she just focus on her life and career?
    It seems like no matter what miss Swift does, Demi somehow remains bothered.
    And who is she to criticize Taylor's donation? what have she done about it that's better than Swift's actions, tweeting a shady post about her and totally ignoring Kesha?

  25. SAOIRSE Pridans says

    Demi "hasn't made as much as her" because maybe she is not as talented and hasn't worked as much as Taylor Swift?! I think when T.S. writes about her exes, it comes more from the heart and she expresses what she feels. She is a great person. Demi, well I like some of her songs, but not how she kept trying to diss Taylor. Swiftie for life❤

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