Kim Kardashian Twerking


Snapchat: MitchellWiggs

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  1. money cali connected says

    damn kim is so beautiful real talk!!!!

  2. The Guy says

    i want sex with that guy

  3. ビクトリア 織田 says

    fake ugly ass

  4. Mark Johnston says

    She a fake beyonce

  5. Idubaren Doniz says

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  6. Lazed says

    at 4 secs you can see her pussy

  7. functiions says
  8. Childish Black magic says


  9. Ceasa Banks says

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  10. why 343?, why? says

    su culo me recuerda a un caballo, las patas flacas y el culote redondo

  11. Phyllis Garris says

    she is a hoe

  12. moises zanches says


  13. Nallanyesmar says

    The best thing about her is that she lets us see that miraculous form of hers.

  14. paola borao says

    les os c pour les chien

  15. Big Tank says

    Dam ma u so beautiful sexy mmmmm

  16. glorianasims4 says

    still waiting for the twerk but nver mind,she can't twerk sight!

  17. Darth Weeaboo says

    shaped so bad

  18. Garfielf says

    Thot level: 1627283837383837272837383837389282838382829292983745572829292910198382828290000282727272727272811917373726538400976654332257484746383928364847383838•372929373620273638373

  19. Someone Somewhere says

    Was there ever a dumber, lazier, more useless person than Kardashian?

  20. segni bikila says

    Why do u wite that she is twerk in cuz she isnt

  21. Desean Ross Jr says

    Kim Kardashian She is so sexy

  22. G_J_C 95 says

    Legend has it, no one actually seen her twerk

  23. Itz Flame says
  24. Kevin Dragon says

    Bitch look like a deformed tranny

  25. john craig Albert says

    whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee slutttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  26. Orly Oliveira says

    B** you ain't Nothin plastic

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