Beyoncé – Blow (Video)


BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Available on iTunes: Available on Amazon: Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes…

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  1. Maryann Green says

    This video screams and cries for attention

  2. Damani Harris says

    Easily one of her best music videos

  3. Shar I says

    sounds like something prince would produce

  4. Jinnamonster12 says

    So I finally get why Beyoncé and Solange seem to look alike because physically I think they look pretty different, but I think they still seem to look alike because they make really similar facial expressions,

  5. Demetria Griffin says


  6. Kurdis Green says

    Beyonce is so beautiful and glamorous

  7. Landis Burnett says

    Pharrells influence is heavy on this one….Classic timbo production

  8. Landis Burnett says

    Most don't know Justin Timberlake is a writer on this song along with Sk8brd the Great

  9. Danillo c says


  10. Charlie K says

    Sure, he'll gladly tear that cherry out but then what do you have to look forward to? Chronic bleeding and pervasive shame? Be careful what you wish for bouncy

  11. Tori Moneey says

    2018 ??

  12. Gaby_Does_Stuff says

    Most underatted song ever

  13. Junior Amorim says

    mal posso esperar por alguém pra experimentar minha cereja

  14. Truth Hurts says

    She did all that hot n the arse show and he still cheated on her. Dumbarsenappers smh

  15. YvNG Artist says

    Cherry out

  16. Wesley Mills says

    Song is hot!!! I love when she switch the beat in the middle of the song !!!!!

  17. Casey Paige says

    I hear timbaland all through the second half of the song! Love his beats

  18. Estera Kowalczyk says

    'homosapiens & jump.

  19. iMarisha says

    1:542:28 … literally my favorite part in the video ♥

  20. Wilhemina Patrick says

    I just realized this whole song is about getting blown off

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