Kylie Jenner Reveals Why She & Kendall Jenner Don’t Get Along: Life Of Kylie Recap


Kylie Jenner Life of Kylie episode 6 recap: Kylie reveals why she & Kendall Jenner don’t get along and explains her butterfly tattoo with Travis Scott. subscribe Starring…

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  1. puta - lena says

    And now she's pregnant

  2. "good cry in the car afterwards" because she cares about her fans so much? Probably because the camera crew was there

  3. Sara Angel says

    IDK dude, I can spend days without talking to my sister. I love her, and sure, we talk and when we are together, everything is fine, but we have different views on everything, and different personalities, and while we are not that distant in age (only two years apart), it's just…. no…. I love her, but I don't have anything to talk about with her.

  4. namepi says

    It’s because Kendall knows the real her and Kylie has become fake, well that’s what I think.

  5. Stephanie Rocha says

    Kendall is a straight up bitch to her little sister and to her mom too cus she thinks she's so important

  6. WindMaker KC says

    All I see is SILICONE

  7. lynn312 says

    Umm… my sister and I love each other very dearly . We haven’t gotten in a fight since we were about 18 & 15?
    Since then we’ve been super close especially since we’ve both gone through some rough shit in life. I love my sister , shit ! I wouldn’t know what to do without her. ❤️

  8. TheSLme says

    I have the impression that Kylie used to look up to Kendall, or seek her acceptance. But Kendall can't get over her past insecurities and jealousy so she behaves like a bully towards her sister. Of course Kylie has been a bitch with her too. But no matter how mean a sister can be to me I'd never try to sabotage her confidence or hurt her feelings like Kendall did in that episode.

  9. Eszter Antal says

    She can hardly blink lmao

  10. Rena Cobain says

    0:01 pause at it. Her face is so fucked up from surgery she cant even move it right without it looking weird. Ppl only love her selfies. Have u seen her talk? LMAO her face haha

  11. Donald D says

    Of course she doesn't like Kendall Jenner. Kendall has always been the "pretty" one and she's always been jealous of that. That's why she had to get all that plastic, so she could get the attention Kendall was getting naturally. Kendall is the real deal. Kylie is all about being fake.

  12. Jessica Tellez says

    Don't blame her, I don't like Kendall either

  13. Tehya Brostowitz says

    She kept checking her phone when she was visiting the girl with CF, she could’ve been about to take a selfie with her but I don’t know kinda looked shady

  14. LING LING says

    What pathetic tattoo's. Make them fucking worthwhile holy shit

  15. Julbby says


  16. Bumble Bee says

    I hate when people say “stop being so sensitive” like that’s completely dismissing the fact that you’re a rude ass bitch

  17. Dominique Rusetos says

    check out my single! – Much Love

  18. nicole says

    0:35 wtf why is Kylie just checking her phone

  19. Joao.000000000 Lima says

    Kylie eu te Amo fofa beijo

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