Boys Selena Gomez Has Dated! New Boyfriend!


Boys Selena Gomez Has Dated! New Boyfriend! Please, Like and Subscribe! Selena Gomez Boyfriend, Selena Gomez Novio, Selena Gomez Dating , Selena Gomez Relationship, Selena Gomez and The…

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  1. YFN tee Nation says


  2. YFN tee Nation says


  3. YFN tee Nation says


  4. I’m a 4 grade Blue says

    Johnny o has dated

  5. mel Martins says

    omg'ddds ♡

  6. STARS Gossip says

    Week End ? ♥

  7. TheZoe Girl says


  8. bryan Ponce says

    wasn't david henrie in how I met​ your mother

  9. Diva MSP!!! moviestar says

    Selena Gomez boyfriend is jason derulo?!

  10. Carly Nicasio says

    I want jelena

  11. Yilien Diaz says

    Can you do Casey Simpson!

  12. brandy G. says

    that pic of Niall and Selena 1:05 is photo shopped that's accual Demi Lovato and Niall (the one on the right side)

  13. dian tilman says


  14. Donna Quilt says

    Nick johns I'll rat him 5 outa ten Taylor a 10 outa 10 and by the way they look so cute together Nial a 10 outa 10 Justin 10 outa 10 to mason a7 outa 10 David a 9 outa 10 zed a 5 outa 10 Samuel a 10 outa 10 the weekend a 8 outa 10 you all look cute together

  15. ItsAyla x says

    I thought she dated the weekend??

  16. Suhayb Dasko Zakayo says

    selena must have done sexy guys

  17. xoxxxoooxo till we overdose says

    the weeknd…thass mah boiii !!!

  18. Husky Love says

    It's so post yo be Justin not the weekend Selena please I know that Justin Bieber is still in your hart

  19. Lediam Mapikano says

    so cute you and Justin

  20. Beriwan merjan says

    Please maried the weeknd

  21. Deedee Thomsen says

    The weekend and Selena is not dating its Selena and Justin they are dating

  22. justin bieber says


  23. Hector flores says

    0:45 Selena look so uncomfortable

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