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  1. Jill Loren says

    I love the nail polish color's they are soo cute and I love your dress

  2. Jill Loren says

    Kendall looks like Khloe but has that Kim thing and Kylie looks and reminds me of Kourtney

  3. Roxanne Ruiz says

    God why do so many people hate? ;D if they dont like them then dont watch it..its SIMPLE!

  4. eisslandakkk says

    which one is kendall?

  5. Michelleurio11 says


  6. pumpkin28ful says

    thats pretty funny omg omg omg omg

  7. wrabit79 says

    probably some little kid with a big dinggy..that's why they're going oh my goood

  8. Cassidy Potts says

    i love you both so much

  9. veronikuka says

    they r looking at kim's porn video hahaha

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