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  1. guysrcute1 says

    whats the second song called n whoz it by?

  2. eva reid says


  3. Mia Gardum says

    it's dreamer by hilary duff (:

  4. Betsy Jameson says

    who is that really pretty blonde girl???

  5. Shelberry says

    it looks kinda fake

  6. icemaster377 says

    lol ur right baout both
    definitly the one at 2:59 thats so easy to tell… 1:00 is pretty messed up too

  7. Grrzzlygrrl says

    Wow…at 1:48 Miley's friends are doing the female oral sex sign…that's just plain NASTY!!

  8. sparkey01 says

    were did u find these pictures

  9. Betsy Jameson says


  10. Jacoby Harris says

    im guessing. if it is its because miley said on Oprah she looks up to Hilary Duff as her role model.

  11. Jillian Edgeworth says

    haha! totally!!!!!!!!oxox

  12. g. ZOE says

    no thats not her thats one of the mean girls on hannah montana

  13. Ciarra Alexis says

    omg if u stop it as 0:15 u can see dat her n her cousins look exactly alike

  14. MileyCyrusIsACunt says

    Miley Cyrus is a SLUT and a CUNT!!! She is gonna BURN IN HELL!!!!

  15. Bruno Luxray says

    SHE IS JUST CUTE NOT HOT ::S:S:S wtf wrong with all of you :S:S:S???

  16. Bruno Luxray says

    LOSER IS YOU DAD HAVING YOU you are the own is all the min honey cuzz nab she dont have ttis iven a ass WTF WRONG YOU ??? im sure you´r 11 years old SUCK MY DICK!! .|.

  17. rachel666 says

    i like this girl,she rocksss!!

  18. Radiate Love says

    i love her

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