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  1. Hellox Devon says

    if you know how I feel then why would you say that? You put me in an uncomfortable situation

  2. sammie wong says


  3. tappedswine says

    I don't know if there's a single redeemable quality to this drag queen bitch

  4. Hebe Dierckx says


  5. Jovani Chavez says


  6. CrispyFri3s says


  7. Aurora Judith-Ramirez says

    Kourney is me laughing at my mom when she's making an ugly face while yelling at me. No chill since day one. Always got my ass beat though.

  8. Jovie Trujillo says

    like for real she is a fucking crybaby

  9. It's Just Jenna says

    This is full flex porn says the person who became famous by a sex tape

  10. Micah Olson says

    She has a big ass house and can practically afford anything she wants. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here poor asf, and many things have went wrong with my life. What's with this spoiled bitch syndrome I'm seeing?

  11. Symphonehh :3 says

    so watermelon

  12. Merope Angel says

    For some reason this aspect of her makes me like her more. She’s more emotionally intelligent than her siblings.


    You didn't get the orange soda.

  14. Cãmillë Msp says

    Kourtney is literally like instructions not cLeAR

  15. MultiGameKing101 says

    kim is like the one person on this earth i actually enjoy seeing cry

  16. Brian Kenna says


  17. wolfmania power says

    She's so emotional

  18. Oi_ItzCharlotte says

    why is everyone so mean? shes just crying its not her fault that sometimes she has a ugly cry everyone has one .-.

  19. Jenny Adams says

    kourney is a devil

  20. Smikkel Beer says

    Kourtney is my spiritual animal

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