Justin Bieber – Mistletoe


‘Under The Mistletoe’ now on vinyl: http://smarturl.it/UnderMistletoeLP Listen to more holiday favorites by Justin Bieber here: http://smarturl.it/ChristmasPlaylist-JB Music video by…

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  1. fernanda HERNÁNDEZ says

    Eres muy lindo justin biber No te canbiaria por nada ni siquiera una Navidad bonita sin escullarte

  2. Safu Faga says

    February 2018????

  3. killerbeast12_ says

    Love you Justin

  4. cinta cinta yanuar says

    hai nama saya haikal saya suka film justin bieber

  5. Raz says

    Wow this is way worse than JaymeG's Mistletoe 2.0

  6. & White Black says

    Anyone in 2018 in Pyeong Chang?

  7. Moo Note says


  8. Bindu Srinivas says

    For some reason I like this person before even so, his songs are not that good now. I don't feel like subscribing for some reason. But I love him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  9. Marisafashionista101 says

    I could listen to this song all day

  10. Liam Devaney says

    I love you

  11. Liam Devaney says

    I love the song

  12. Roxdy and Wolfy XD says

    I life be this sing but I hate this singer

  13. Roxdy and Wolfy XD says

    I love this song but I hate the singer

  14. Louan. Collins says

    I like this song❤❤❤

  15. One Direction News says


  16. Emily baby got back says

    wow wowwwww

  17. Alfonso Osto says

    Dijo tu chupamela

  18. Elena Brajdić says

    Super sladak

  19. Andrababy O says

    Listening to Jungkook's cover with jimin reminds me of this song…

  20. Regrettable says

    We’re still here in 2018… the world is ending

  21. Jamari Smith says

    Good song

  22. Ariel Patricio says

    hey justin

  23. Ariel Patricio says


  24. Ariel Patricio says

    ang ganda

  25. Isa Becker says


  26. 英 k says

    this song remind m of
    memories with ex girlfriend lol

  27. Tere Leiva Pedrosa says

    I love Justin bieber

  28. Canal do Mts says

    ❤ BR

  29. D. K. says

    I was waiting for Ellen to pop up but oh well

  30. Wichtig Videos says

    Any one today ?

  31. 달로 says

    이 노래 좋아해요 I love this song ❣

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