Beyonce Without Photoshop Pictures Leaked


She still looks pretty damn amazing. ****** Subscribe to Pop Trigger:… Get the Pop Trigger ringtone (through iPhone only):…

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  1. Pink Diamonds says

    yes, beyonce should be posted NATURALLY with no touch ups sometimes. because at the end of the day, she is human and just like a normal person. no she is not flawless because her hair isn't even hers Smh. she should go ALL natural!!

  2. Marie charles says

    Beyonce is still pretty y'all need to find something else to talk about
    ….. y'all boring Yarnnnnnnnnin right now

    stop hating dickheads

  3. Carol Veloz says

    girls don't know want to look like a man like she is. Tranny, demon!

  4. TheCaspator says

    She looks like ordinary ghetto girl ,can`t understand how the young ladies are crazy of her . I see every day xxx girls much more nicer to her and nobody is giving a shit . I am glad I don`t live in USA but in czech republic where we have the kost bautiful girls in the world

  5. Frebreezie Marie says

    Because Beyonce is fake as hell!

  6. Meron Abel says

    beyonce is naturally gorgeous with out make up or Photoshop loser shut u ass down am so tired of jealousy hoes

  7. Mohammad Mohammad says

    What about her brain ???

  8. A. Mulatto says

    this is so fake it's ridiculous

  9. Cenie Usher says


  10. Carlos Nejuan says

    Beyonce got mad acne on her face and the make up is fucking her and fucked her skin up.And Beyonce is trans so she is not no woman and she is not naturally beautiful so they need to stop

  11. Robin Johnson says

    That's not even her facial features….haters!!!!!

  12. Lex Luther says

    and you make these people your idols…… lots of make up for long periods of time cant be good

  13. brickcity chick says

    Beyonce looks old…she's probably around 40 maybe.

  14. Achel Malek says

    this is so fake omg

  15. Assma Soum says

    Now everyone's losing their minds for calling Beyoncé a "regular woman" and showing her real skin and face!! wake up people, she ain't a Godess, she ain't a "queen" and she ain't that pretty, I know girls in person who are 100 times more beautiful than her but they have not that much of money 😉 she's making everyone blind and I dunno why…

  16. Rabecca Anderson says

    Omg. Are these people children? They sure act like it.

  17. Vivi Skabardoni says

    Bey is gorgeous. FUCK YOU

  18. Vivi Skabardoni says

    Have you seen your face on the mirror?? Have you photoshoped these photos to look bad???

  19. Stephanie Springer says

    Yikes! She's rougher than a badger's bum! She def needs photoshop.

  20. Tiffany Kerr says

    Photoshop or not she is still a beautiful woman.

  21. Kelly Jackson says

    My pic here is not photo shopped, & so some good some bad

  22. Mimi navy gal says

    Y'all white people mad because she a gorgeous black woman just like all black women white people could never look better than us their ugly

  23. Nina Adams says

    I think they added the blemishes and blotches to her skin. She doesn't have those type of flaws

  24. Kimberly Robertson says

    For the very first time for me cause I liked her..she is a dude in every since of the word… the deception is unreal not just with her.. all of them. TELL THE TRUTH SHAME THE DEVIL!

  25. Oltita Plesca says

    yous are so mean

  26. Kirby Moffatt says

    Two faggots

  27. God says

    even if these were pictures of her without makeup, why she intentionally do that? that sounds stupid

    anyways this is what she actually looks like without makeup, such fucking delusional people–minimalist-beauty-makeup-tutorials.jpg

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