Kim Kardashian Releases Raunchy new Photos after 3rd baby


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  1. Eidi says

    After 3rd baby? Ohhh okay.

  2. Slick Whipps says

    Her husband needs to be mad as shit for this shit. The whole world have seen her fake ass.

  3. Alexandra Kay says

    Wow that's crazy now she's trying to look like Beyonce not a good way to kiss ass

  4. Lonnie 1Love says

    Guess I will do it too if I'm getting paid

  5. Keyanna Hardeman says

    It's not like she actually had the damn baby….

  6. Falema B says

    She's not doing it for free and besides; she didn't have the baby soooo!!?

  7. ONE TRUE GOD says

    Everybody wanna be the Black Man and Black Woman! If I wasn't Black I'll have all the Black female's!!! SMH

  8. Robert Woods says

    wonna be Beyonce

  9. Sophia Dilworth says

    Yea she is really tryin to look like Beyonce. For the record Kanye loves Beyonce so that's why she try so hard to look like her.

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