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  1. andrea decola says

    love beyonce

  2. youtubechannel says


  3. youtubechannel says

    1:02 Best Part

  4. KissyKeish says

    Can any1 tell me if beyonce has relaxed her hair ?

  5. bienfait44 says

    hot hot hot

  6. KissyKeish says

    oh ok

  7. suga boo says

    watch "beyonce face off"

  8. K SASSER says

    she is so fine

  9. dabestsince92 says

    Man what more could jay z ask for he's worth 400 million he done fucked the baddest bitches own the planet and now he has beyonce goddam if only i was jay z 2 gether they are worth 647 million just give me one mil and ill be str8

  10. F u jay z my bro wanted to be the 1 to fuc beyonce

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