Wendy Williams Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Pics: She’s ‘Desperately Trying To Stay In The Spotlight’


Wendy Williams slammed Kim Kardashian’s latest sexy Instagram pics as “desperately trying to stay in the spotlight.” The 53-year-old talk show host roped Kanye in on the rebuke as well. “Kim,…

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  1. Brunette Tn says

    I never watched Windy Williams's show but just look at all those videos about Kim Kardashian, she's either jealous or obsessed. I've never been a fan of Kim Kardashian but I am on her side this time. This is the perfect example of women trashing other women -_-

  2. Gabby Webster says

    I hate Wendy because Kim is so beautiful and it is her life and why is Wendy care about what she do

  3. grace m says

    Its not even a "kim kardashian" thing, like if I had a friend who would only post pics like that online, I wouldn't follow her or him. Just because I don't want my instagram to be an online version of pent house lol.

  4. Sta High says

    Damn..I am so mad I agree with this lady on something!

  5. Araceli Macias says

    If she moved on why is she constantly posting nude pictures that remind everyone of how she became famous 13 yrs ago? Honestly I think she loves the attention of people lusting over her.

  6. Diana Ramirez says

    Kim what u don’t get is that people see you above posing nude or racy pics , because you are an amazing woman we don’t want to look at you as if you were trashy stripper. That’s my take, yes your desperate and I have no respect ✊

  7. Simply Free says

    Wendy YOU wish you had the confidence Kim Kardashian has. You wish your husband gave you HALF if ANY of the attention that Kanye gives Kim. Kim is beautiful and she felt sexy… what’s the big deal? Why are people terrorizing this situation as if she HAD to do it? This isn’t a scandal this is what Kim wanted to do! Like wtf. She’s a sex symbol among other things let’s not forget.

  8. Margaret Torres says

    I so agree with Wendy you go girl !!!!!!

  9. Uoeno Woohoo says

    If u love the kardashians you are what’s wrong with society.

  10. Diana Best says

    I feel alot of jealousy from Wendy Williams. Honey child seems like not so long ago u were abit desperate parading your old ass plastic body on the beach getting paps to take pictures of u. Chill the ffff out. She's got the body so why not flaunt it.. I know people would rather view that than your old ass.. I definatly would flaunt it ig i had a body like that! and I'm soo to be a MOTHER of 4! U probably MAD cause your "husband" wanks over KIM K ALL DAY… Try to focus on YOUR marriage rather than KIM K & KANYE… those 2 people are obsessed with themselves and each other! They on such a different level than y my dear… They laugh their way to the bank while your "talk show" makes much more less than they do… like just uplift women for once… u always hating mama u are sooo jealous of any women that looks better than u. I believe it's because your insecure of yourself and your marriage unlike KIM she has it all hahaha jokes on u lady!

  11. Ilios Prime says

    The hate is real. Who cares Wendy…. you mad no one wants to see your man hood

  12. Selsaver says

    Wendy can be too much sometimes, she is acting like a insecure little girl. Kim probably felt sexy that day and took pictures. And why are people comparing her sex tape to these pictures? People take scantily clad photos all the time. Only when Kim does it everyones butthurt.

  13. Karina Sandoval says

    this is all she knows….its getting old…move on to the next chapter in ur life…but she can't because this is all she knows

  14. MISAO says

    I wonder what your father would think because we know your husband "gives ZERO fucks" about you.

  15. Rishitha Anantha says

    I dont get famous people bashing other famous people for their personal choices. I am no fan of kardashians and I bother least about their lives but why do people even care what they do with their body regardless of them having a family or not? Especially these celebrity critics. Like just stop Kim isn't mass murdering people or doing a crime, all she did is pose nude. You have so much problem with it don't see it jesus.

  16. Multi Sassy says

    Kim’s talking about she moved on already, Bish no you have t 13 yrs later and you still a thot.

  17. Multi Sassy says

    And it’s not about being a mom or wife. Moms can be sexy, wives can be sexy! She bussing it and spreading it and showing it on the internet alllll the time. Give it a rest. We done seen her naked too many times, she act like she desperate for attention. And a man who loves and values you would not want you to keep showing you’re titties and azz every day.

  18. Nikita Cavalier says

    Sigh. I just don't understand anymore. She was so upset previously about a magazine publishing pics from a photoshoot that she thought would be too racy. But now this. It is so contradictory. I'm fine with people being proud of their bodies, and it is their decision whether what they post on social media. But enough already with the contradictions. She has done this one too many times, where she wants the public's respect and doesn't want to be portrayed in that way. Then she turns around and does a racy photoshoot with that one magazine, that "broke the internet". The constant flip-flopping and wanting to have the public view her in a different light, to then posting photos that she claimed before as too racy, is just not believable anymore. We go from her embarrassment of her sex tape, to doing a racy magazine cover, to the traumatizing Paris incident and her subsequently wanting to stay more in the background, to now this again. I think it is only natural that people are starting to question her authenticity in her statements and viewpoints.

  19. Mandy Khupiso says

    Nah Wendy girl get a life… Let Kim live her life! She is a mom so what???? She just loving her body and loving the look… I don't c anything wrong!! She can be like that as long as she wants too.

  20. A Moseley says

    Kim does what she does. That's her career. Wendy should not criticize as she talks with a mouth full of pumped up lips and her injected face. Everyone has free will. It's been over a decade now that Kim became know to TV. Find something new to talk about in your talk show.

  21. Terray Taylor says


  22. Devin Summer says


  23. īż al says

    Y'all ppl what do u expect from a hideous pornstar? … that greedy whore and her slutsisters are just desperately wanting to catch to spotlight.."" talent has never been sexually transmitted "" as aj lee said

  24. Nikki Cueto says

    Wendy I think talking about Kim is making it your business…if you had enough of her ignore block do what you have to do not to look or see Kim but it seems you need to be in Kim's buisness cause you need her, so you can get ratings by saying what you say about her and others. People like you that have nothing else to do need those celebrities to be in buisness so just leave the Kardashians alone and block them you'll solve your problem!

  25. Lucimar Gomes says

    Que moral essa mulher tem pra falar da Kim se todas as famosas americanas gostao de mostrar a bunda

  26. Roena Skates says

    This goes back to the old saying "You cannot make a hoe into a housewife"!

  27. Roena Skates says

    You can take the trash out of the trailer, but you cannot take the trailer out of the trash! (Lol)!

  28. Roena Skates says

    Amber Rose is getting her body worked on, so Kim being the ranched bitch she is, had to beat her to the punch! I would take Amber over Kim any day of the week! She is possessed over Amber Rose! You need to take that blonde hair off of your head! You look horrible?

  29. Roena Skates says

    Kim really, you have never committed a crime and you don't do drugs! You don't feel that anything outside of those two things make you a Bad Person! You sound like a racist! That is how Whites distinguish themselves from blacks! How about spreading your legs with everyone's black boyfriend's! You still feel perfect?

  30. brit w says

    Who cares if she wants to flaunt her body? That's her life noone else's any way who is Wendy to judge?

  31. kenisha white says

    I think she was raped and in 20 years she put out the book what really happened the night of the robbery

  32. Chantelle Tucker says

    This is all she is good for she said herself she don't want people to think that but this is all she is good for be known as a bussiness woman mother not the girl that's always naked there is nothing wrong with getting naked do for your man bitch not for the world people are still going to know you you don't have to do shit like this to be noticed you have a life it's time for you to move on. See when her daughter starts doing the same thing she better not say shit to her

  33. [email protected] says

    You need love girl. So sorry for you. What will you do when the lights go down and father time cast its shadow on you…you will have nothing left to uncover but a bag of wrinkles and a sour expression. Your husband is such a joke…you have no respect for him, and he none for you. You live to have all eyes on you. That's weird in itself. You care about what people think because you keep feeding to stuff to think about you…yet you get negative backlash instead of the adoration you are seeking. That's unhealthy and a blow to your self esteem. 'we've seen all of you on many occasions…so what's new Kim.

  34. ladydi loftin says

    Ray j already said this hoe stanks………..Wash yo stanking lopsided ass Kim.

  35. Sonny Williams says

    Someone needs to punch Wendy in the face

  36. Jas S says

    I actually agree with Wendy this time

  37. obdiane says

    She got her money being a video/picture hoe. That's all she knows. She is comfortable in it, her whole family makes money being hoes, and they are comfortable in it. I am sure as soon ass North is old enough she will go the same route as her mom,, grandma, and aunts, and she too will be comfortable in rich hoes land.

  38. shayfay00 says

    Cardi b said it best, I don't gotta dance I make money moves

  39. My Mou says

    '' yet I'm a bad role model'', BITCH!!!….are you kidding me, look at your self, you never sand a good message to a young girl out there. Bitch Please!!!

  40. L'Nicole Turner says

    I agree Kim K don't have to do that anymore, to be honest she is on a grander level then that now.

  41. Yesenia Rivera says

    A lot of role models like Michelle Obama have a fantastic body but don’t take pics like these. You don’t have to just do drugs, there are other examples such as this to be viewed in a negative way. You are perceived as you show. I am all about owning your body! On the other hand it’s your body you show whatever you want Kim, nothing we haven’t seen already.

  42. Gracie Gummibärchen says

    Why don't yall let Kim (and the Rest of the KarJenner Clan) do what they love. It's not harming anybody, so why do you care? If she wants attention, let her seek attention. If you don't want her to have attention, don't give her attention. If she wants to post nudes on Instagram, let her post the damn nudes!!

  43. queen Maleficent says

    Kanye doesn't have a brain!

  44. Stacy Robinson says

    I'm really confused as to where things went south with the Kardashians and Wendy. Anyone care to fill me in?

  45. Ms Kells says


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