Justin Bieber Kissing Ariana Grande at live concert and live performance


Please Give Some Money:- PayTM:- 7354169656 Justin Bieber Kissing Ariana Grande at live concert and live performance.

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  1. Беки Анарбеков says

    кто это смотрит в 2017?

  2. TiffanyUchiha007 says

    i heard some one scared like this AHHHH stops AHHH stops AAHH

  3. Cro Croaz says

    love with his songs

  4. Ronaee Rivers says

    Where was the kiss like tf

  5. human force says

    1:58 hahaaa justine you hand to fans not get it kwkww

  6. Rajesh Sharma says

    good couple

  7. Remy Montoya says

    Give me a dollar because they were not kissing

  8. Ellie Anne says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got cilckbaited and so did you 🙂

  9. marc duvurge says

    He wish he could kiss her. He know all them other girls just want his money.

  10. Young Hitler says

    Why did u kiss that faggot

  11. Sidney J says

    The damn fans were screaming in the back you can barely here them sing

  12. GamingGod 10001 says

    0:24 Whoever is screaming I swear

  13. misse 17 says

    I went direcktly to comments

  14. Kiran Acharya says

    justin bieber don't do us fool i think u didn't kiss ariana grande

  15. Andja GameR says


  16. E ā G DOLAN! says

    clickbait and clickbait …. :"O

  17. Beatriz Rocha says

    Very love

  18. Beatriz Rocha says

    Nem vi beijo

  19. Sραghεττι says

    fuck u idiot they r not even kissing each other

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