13 Most Shocking Miley Cyrus Instagram Photos


Most Scandalous Nicki Minaj Pics ▻▻ http://youtu.be/FQFPtRM61aE More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Miley Cyrus is never one to shy away from Instagram – and while…

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  1. Nylan West says

    fix your f in life girl you use to be at the top of the world Hannah Montana

  2. Mishkastuff77 says

    Miley Cyrus is so pretty but DAM she is wild !!!!

  3. Ida Fox says

    omg this chick is so annoying

  4. Noah Spencer says


  5. Noah Spencer says


  6. Sherly frysa says

    poor our generation

  7. Nadine says

    whats her snapchat Name? :3

  8. KSvlogs says

    the wrist was terrifying

  9. Victoria Robinson says

    Smells like fish n taste like dirty p-ssey

  10. Halima2016 says

    I Love you Miley

  11. Timmy Turner says

    I'm sorry but miley u need to stop u use to be a role model for girls like me now ur just OMG I don't listen to non of your music anymore and what u were now come on what's wrong with u now I miss the Miley that had all these people saying I want to be like you someday now there is grow ups and teens that copy u and ur making a bad example for them ur suppose to be a rule model what happened????? we need u miley the old Miley because there's not a lot of women role models anymore u were one of them and now ur gone make a good example for little girls becoming women

  12. Kawaii Peach 05 says

    Ugh she's so weird

  13. Zahid Harrishah says

    jeez.. all turned to insane

  14. Savannah uwanawich says

    she's a slut

  15. MrGeekoWeeko says

    Stupid SHIT!!!

  16. I’m still here says

    Im blind at #13….

  17. Mo Niiqquee says

    damn this girl was my role model and now she is becoming something the world cant explain. i wonder what new stuff she will be hosting in 2017

  18. Tara Adams says

    Fucking two nitwit peas in a pod…gurlfriend.

  19. Boss Lady Lauren says

    "The haircut heard around the world", guys c'mon. Too much serious shit going on to be hypnotized by this ilk.

  20. Hafsa Kurshid says

    I hate women WO insult the name of women

  21. AwesomeGirl101 says

    I cannot believe people like miley cyrus are they crazy!!!

  22. Swadhin Sahu says

    why miley made herself disgusting

  23. Kārlis Rupainis says

    I like her. She can do whatever she wants + her music is great

  24. Kitty Cupcakes says

    i think ik why the other countries feel sorry for us -.-

  25. Bernadette Bundy says

    she should just have 500 kids

  26. kirby sonicfun says


  27. She is not even sexy

  28. Gp says


  29. Tom says

    she is super disgusting

  30. Lilia Clayton says

    she's so pretty why is she so God damned discusting?! DO me a favor and someone post this comment where she can find it!!

  31. Francis Morrison says

    she's a waste of time

  32. Arianator 2001 says

    So when miley sings about sex. Acts "slutty" and does drugs, she's a bad person. But it's totally okay for rihanna, ariana grande, Madonna, to sing about sex and act "trashy" but when miley does she's a whore. Oh the hypocrisy.

  33. Gama Mauri says

    mad woman

  34. Samantha Roberts says

    Phan Girling you are so right

  35. 12345 6789 10 11 12 says

    Cheese pizza, if you know what i mean……

  36. notonetowine ubibabies says

    I miss classy ladies

  37. Jesse Perez says

    Mileys my girl…bad girl…

  38. Kori Camp says

    I used to love her after the hair thing everything after 🙁

  39. Moises Revilla says

    This girl makeing everbody hate milet cyrus u love mile cyrus cuz she is cool

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