10 Guys Ariana Grande Has “Dated”


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  1. Im Lit says


  2. Sizzley says

    omg eminem with ari

  3. Eleanor says

    Ariana and justin werent even dating they both unfollowed each other on social media or something

  4. Vishnu Grande says

    Now she is dating me

  5. Emily's DIY's and Crafts says

    She never dated Justin

  6. Scarlett Kungebeharry says

    i think ariana and big sean were the best cutest couple xxx

  7. Camden Woodcox says

    Retard.. they can be friends and not date

  8. Alan Ponce says

    Who is watching 2017? comment plz

  9. Sebzozo Cristovoa says

    She is a prostitute bitch

  10. Husky dog says

    Justin Bebeir (can't spell)
    He would be jealous

  11. Belinda Domika says

    Ariana Grande is curtenly dating Mac

  12. Harshveer Sethi says

    Jariana ???

  13. Jyoti mishra says

    Wait wait are you saying justin and Ariana but I don't like this couple no I mean what about Jelena I think selena is best for jb Ariana is beautiful but I think i like Jelena (it's my opinion)

  14. moonlightbae • says

    She never dated Justin she even said he's a satan on twitter

  15. Shakur Martin says


  16. Laurels 2000 says

    isn't it funny hw Mac is on here as a rumoured bf but now he actually is dating her

  17. Alejandro Bagoo says

    Ariana should be with zayn

  18. Markiyah Ware says

    I say Justin and Ariana they are cute

  19. vanessa halef says

    search "Jai brooks admits he lied" and then an article from Hollywood life should show up, he apologized for humiliating her and making up all the lies. She forgave him and they got back together (then they split but stil she did not cheat

  20. chris brown says

    Black fucking ugly whore

  21. Mikey Mac says

    No lie she is a cheater

  22. Ali Kdouh says

    I wish ariana and nathan go back together

  23. berry 23 says

    omg Justin bieber every list

  24. tracy humphries says

    That I s wrong ag dated big shaun before mac Miller because ag is stilldating mac

  25. Freak1 says

    Daum what an attention whore

  26. Arianators 4 life says

    Riley Fortier: I totaly agree with u nobody deserves that disrespect

  27. Iyanna Noble says

    She should be single

  28. Ghaith Baidhani says

    Anyone 2018?

  29. Ariana Grande Fan account says

    Now in 2018 ari is still with mac

  30. Queen Ariana says

    I miss Ariana and Nathan

  31. Team Bay says
  32. Rizky Tegar B.P says

    Justin? really?!

  33. Tods Daltonrich says

    big sean, big mitake ( obviousely I mean for her, not for big sean himself that I don t know so I cannot say nothin bad about him… is also a big nice guy)
    personally I think that somebody who broke with Avan is crazy
    talkin seriousely, and I m askin you people this causee this last times I hav too muchto work… why Avan carrer doesn t … start? I mean… is nice like an angel, handsome like devil, I mean… why?? maybe you people know roumors that I didn t listen.

  34. dylan rivera says

    ariana grande dated me is dylan

  35. ASHLYN XOXO says

    Title:10 GUYS Ariana grande has dated
    In the vid:9 guys ariana grande has dated

  36. Mitchell Family says

    Oh la la

  37. Aizo says


  38. Sam Stark says

    Thats not ariana right? 0:39

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