Taylor Swift’s SHOCKING REAL reason Break-Up? Selena Gomez Fakes Illness? RUMOR PATROL


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Why did Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston really split? Did Selena Gomez fake her illness? All this & more on Rumor Patrol. For More Clevver…

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  1. Aurore Bergen says

    Actually let's be honest, I didn't know "Tom Hiddleston" before he and Taylor started dating, I knew "Loki", but not really the actor so…Yeah, I know he's not the most known actor for sure, and usually Taylor is not so public with her relationships. He may have dated other celebrities before but…They were not Taylor Swift.

  2. I'm really scared for Selene idk why I just have a really bad feeling about something stay strong sel ❤️❤️❤️

  3. April Leon says

    Nooooo, no way would tom do that bro listen he would not ride Taylor swifts back to get more famous he is more famous then her in my eyes like pleaseeeeeeeee

  4. Daniel Espinoza says

    Omfg these two hosts hate each other. Lmao

  5. J Tozies says

    Lol When Taylor was on Ellen and she was 18 Ellen said don't worry you'll get a Bf soon your only 18 your gonna get married on like 25 yes old.Few Years later She's 27 nothing happens lol

  6. J Tozies says

    Taylor just find a BF and marry him Your 27 be a normal person to marry in an exact age and I think Calvin was Perfect for you..Your almost 28 don't tell me your gonna be married at 50 or 78 and get divorced dude there are only few men's here that still wanna date you but some are Soooooo scared vuz you might write a song about em Jizzz Taylor Take Life as the biggest Gift and it is or You'll live alone with no Husband to kiss to when your home Or play kids or dress up your kids on Halloween

  7. Kay H says

    All the people watching this after Selena had a kidney transplant…

  8. Olivia Tinsley says

    Even though I’m more of a fan of Tom than Taylor I feel really sorry for her cos she didn’t want to her relationship with Tom to be more public than it already was

  9. VinxtageKiki says

    I just noticed Ryland is here o-o

  10. shaliz hosseini says

    I was personally offended when he said Taylor made him famous. Tom has one of the biggest fan bases ever. Taylor did nothing but give us mixed feelings.

  11. Blah Of blah says

    It is so sick that why make up a rumor over someone's sickness, these people make me sick!

  12. Denny Forever says

    Selena had a lupus people she almost died

  13. Dakota Rain says

    Finally!!!! Now Tom doesn't have that succubus's claws on him anymore!!!!

  14. Joe Garnish says

    No nothing good starts in a Getaway Car

  15. Ronette Spark says

    I found this out and i now dont like taylor swift as much as I did but i have always preffered Tom! (Dont reply)

  16. Jade Welch says

    Was that meant to be an English accent?

  17. Freya Pokorny says

    Anyone who never knew of him before taylor is a disgrace to all hiddlestoners

  18. tori parks says

    not to be rude(so don't bash me) but why would lupus cause her anxitey and depression

  19. Levi Labatos says

    Tom was fucking Loki
    Tom was in the Avengers

  20. akumbu sylvia ohuche says

    I was wondering where Ryland was? Back from london? You sound like Russel Brand all of a sudden? I mean this for 2018. Not seen him in a while

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