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  1. Airborne says

    Pretty face but doesn't know how to dress like a woman

  2. Julie Mendoza says

    now THIS is an interview. they didn't talk about her personal life but about her career

  3. Emily Baez says

    This was before the album dropped I thought it was after and when I heard the lady say “you’ll be alright.” I was like holy shiiii i want to see ari’s faces lmao and then I heard her album hadn’t dropped yet and I want to know what was really was going through her head

  4. Who? Me? says

    she's such a cute little shit

  5. Carmyn Black says
  6. Universal Revelation says

    Getting closer!

  7. Issy Harper says

    I made this video get 1K likes

  8. Olivia Person says

    I heard snapchat queen and my little heart hurts

  9. melfan 68 says

    "I'm….an Italian…"
    I'm crying

  10. Camilizer luv xox says


  11. Jason Rivers says

    So she casually took her latex seductive bunny ears with her and expects us to believe that she was ONLY playing w them w her friends. MMMHHHMMMM I SEE U GURL

  12. StiFishKale OnEmpty says

    Your right I'm dead bro

  13. Jess says

    When she says, "I don't want any male or female listening to me and my music to ever feel like they have to do something they don't want to do, ever." That's GREAT that she says and wants that, however what she doesn't realize (and what happens in the music industry in general) is that her very sexualized image and music DOES influence young people, girls particularly, to act the same way she does even when they don't feel comfortable with it. It starts with the media over sexualizing women, and then women feel the need to show off their bodies foremost and be sexy, and then that influences younger people to be that way just to fit in and be "cool". So yes, her music and image totally does make girls feel like they have to be like her, and the other artists who promote what she promotes. I love Ariana always, but this is true of her and many other female artists who sing about sex and hooking up all the time. Especially with a song like side to side. I mean really? That's great for a young women, but why make it a single? Eww. Make something more inspiring for our youth and adults alike. I'm not a fan of Ariana's image anymore…

  14. Sophie Is Short says

    okay I would say im a huge ariana fan  I feel like I know so much about her and I have a instagram fan page I have every single song that she has. im obsessed with her unrelesed songs. I feel like if ur as big of a fan as me. u would describe her in these 3 ways. down to earth, silly, and talented.

  15. Nora says

    the surprise in 3:24

  16. char loves ariana says

    aw as soon as they mentioned alexa her face lit up and she seemed happier

  17. abgpineapple TM says

    i love her more and more everyday

  18. c cc says

    I like her but she is not down to earth…she is a Diva and she should own it

  19. Norwegian Frida says

    She's so pretty

  20. Indy Chloee says

    i could listen to hear voice all day……. it's so calming.

  21. Ella Klepacz says

    All you arianators (including me) want to see aris rude diva side? visit the video "who is Ariana Grande"

  22. Lupita's Makeup says

    She aint italian

  23. Chech says

    He asked great questions

  24. JarenMorris21 says

    "A Tweef? What's a Tweef?"….. bahaha

  25. Jasmin A says

    breathes in I…I umm….umm……an italian.

  26. Shg Gh says

    hora familia jajajjajaa

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