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  1. Liz Hildreth says

    What song is this I really like it

  2. Amanda Koury says

    what is 0:40?

  3. Queen M says

    1:29 cual es ese?

  4. Serenity Marshall says

    what is the name of the movie on 0.37

  5. Dorein Paul Emmanuel says

    Man Justin and Selena looked so cute together! just look at them toward the end.

  6. Lala Barron says

    I really like this song

  7. Rachel Lin says

    what movie or tv show is 1:28 from?

  8. Shy Blaze says

    what movie was 1:18

  9. Alana Lee says

    That's not all of her kisses you missed the one with Mason on wizards

  10. Alyssa Milstead says

    Another Cinderella story

  11. Celeste walker says

    Only white guys smh

  12. Roland Liu says


  13. PokemonPro RobloxPro says

    Bad beiaver

  14. SpEcTrE YT says

    What movie was 0:28

  15. Charles Kolin says

    Soh Bach jijetoq

  16. ViolettaHay says

    I love you Selena Gomez.

  17. Yolanda Ni says

    What's 0:27 from?

  18. panda 4ever says

    what about the one with dylan sprouse

  19. Fiona Koukach says

    There is still a lot more with other actors. Where are they??

  20. Selena&Demi Queens says

    Selena Gomez in Another Cinderella Story and the kissing scene was Good But Behaving Badly as well Getaway was also Good the action like she said in the movie Get Out! Get Out Now!

  21. Yılmaz Akan says

    What movie in 0:12 ?

  22. Tushar Gupta says

    Hot and sexy kiss of Salena Gomez

  23. Tushar Gupta says

    Hot song hai

  24. Tushar Gupta says

    Nice haircut of Salena Gomez

  25. Sardar Afeed says

    1:36 expensive kiss

  26. 1984 year says

    I wish she was my sister…..I want to hug her so bad!!!!!!

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