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  1. Gemini52683 says

    Make you my next ex!!

  2. Farrux Sadigov says


  3. Isaiah Harrell says

    Why am I hearing this song NOW? I am so late. #SorryBeyonce.

  4. Tyrone Adams says

    i feel like a terrible #beyhive member… first listen on this… wow.

  5. Maurice Randolph says


  6. MICO says

    Solange Knowles, Beyonce's baby sis wrote this

  7. Beatriz Bellinazo says

    2:312:55 So good !!!

  8. To get To home says

    I always listen to this song since 2009 x

  9. To get To home says

    I always listen to this song since 2009 x

  10. Teri Bower says

    it just dont feel right anymore! got switch em up!

  11. Savanna Mannoia says

    she's preeety

  12. A.J. Lee says

    this is how I'm feeling right now….. she hit it right on the nose

  13. Sean Robinson says

    classic feminist logic…

  14. Roslyn Paxton says

    I'm feeling this song, it's time for the next!!!!

  15. K M says


  16. Spicy Piland says

    Whoa! This is a cold hearted song lol

  17. Dsigbi says


  18. Dsigbi says

    joketing mate don't u understand what the hell we think

  19. Shanyal Zafar says

    omg, 2016… this sounds awesome…

  20. Keenie Thomas says

    One of her best songs. Jamming to it 8 years later.

  21. Dee Rich Houston says

    that was blunt but real

  22. I'm Beautiful says

    Can't believe this song wasn't released! I'm addicted!!!

  23. I'm Beautiful says

    2:322:49 flawwwwwwwwwlesss

  24. Ace Bitw says

    Reminds me of when I was 16 & now I wish I stick out with that boy who was nice to me.

  25. adl15 says

    I feel like this could be a pre-quel to Single Ladies.

  26. Richard Perez says

    This should have been released as a single.

  27. Larry Berrian says

    Bad girl

  28. Joshua Greene says

    This is Still My Shit Still By Beyonce Next

  29. LetsKatieLoveHue love says

    i like tgis song w out hearing it i produced this song for her. i can produce allot of songs on guitar learning piano next ex and then drums cant wait to write my ow music buying a grand piano soon.

  30. BlackFashionGlam says

    i honestly love ALL beyoncé's eras … i can't deny her talent and aura.

  31. OneWoman Army says

    tired n need change.. so pick em out switch em out

  32. OneWoman Army says

    aint gta ring by now im not locked down…its friday fuck YouTube….Loooovee runs wild

  33. First Last says

    this makes me want to get dumped by the love of my life

  34. Christian Chapa says

    omgggg why havent i heard this before :(((

  35. Federico Raggio says

    That run is sickeniiiing!!

  36. Katie Love Hue TV says

    im using biotin right now and my hair grows like an inch a day lols cools cant wait to see results in 3 months

  37. Fred Jacksons says

    2018 hit that button now come on.

  38. Fred Jacksons says

    2018 hit that button now come on.

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