Recreating Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Selfies and Photos! Let me know who takes the better selfie! I copied Kylie’s pictures, who should I do next? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! WORST GIRLFRIENDS…

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  1. SSSniperWolf says


    notification squad assemble

  2. Christian Breton says

    Last one was fine asf

  3. Awkward Channel says

    omaigad u so much better

  4. KingHamza says

    I like you

  5. River VG says

    Who saw that Kylie was wearing zebra yeezys

  6. Leah wuz here says

    the second one you look like jwow

  7. Noelythecat Unicorn says


  8. I think you're prettier than her.

  9. Darcy lewis says

    save em

  10. Dangelo Rodriguez says

    Who is d

  11. victoria Garcia says

    your so pretty !

  12. thedream thedream says

    I love your videos and you are literally the most funny ever.

  13. TheCodeAcademy says

    Are you from the Bronx? You've got that New York ascent

  14. Caro Broeders says

    You look so mutch prettier then Kylie no offense to the Kylie Jenner fans but thats the way i think.

  15. Chynna Johnson says

    Hpw did sausage…get to be with you…

  16. Jason Goodman says

    Jake Paul

  17. didi's time says

    I left my pizza in the oven

  18. Itz Coco says

    You kinda look like camilla cabeo in these pics

  19. emmily urey says

    Lia i can take your picture

  20. Kidus Berhe says

    Why do u act ghetto when ur not

  21. Journey Hudella says

    Lia is slim thick

  22. GamingWithKatie ! says

    You look better

  23. milanya ming says

    Don’t worry… YOURE MORE GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  24. Indrek Nõmm says

    You are cute

  25. Cleo Ray says

    next you shod do nicki minaj

  26. enchanted creeoer Maestas says

    Im so

  27. Emirhan Guler says

    Sssniper gang

  28. Dorian S. says

    She is better than her

  29. Niani Green says

    Do Ariana grande

  30. Bailey Truitt says

    You had the outfits on point!

  31. yamilets life says

    great pictures

  32. hingo says

    wtf why does she talk like pewdiepie???

  33. Jaeda Taua says

    You go girl!! You better than her!

  34. xXGamer- GalXx says

    Kylie Jenner looks like my uncles girlfriend

  35. Somethings showing in the vid

  36. Fresher says

    I'm "pretty" decent at taking these
    m8 you sayin dat…actually yeah good point

  37. alejandra tarula says

    You’re prettier than Kylie

  38. Bree Bree says

    Does anyone elde think she looks like victoria justice

  39. em_em crazy girl says

    I kep thinking Kylee was u in the pics lol

  40. Jay Wolf says

    Kyllie got "NUTHIN" on you.Damn you're much hotter than that trashy chic!

  41. JAC VLOGS says

    Can’t tell the differecvnce

  42. Evi Kolman says

    i feel like she sounds different

  43. Armando Meza says

    You're 10000000000000000 times better

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