Taylor Swift Bears It All In Music Video Teaser


Taylor Swift plays a evil naked Cyborg in a teaser trailer for her new music video ‘Ready For It’ Subscribe ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubToHS Get the scoop – Check out our site: http://www.obsev.c…

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  1. Chason Wright says

    She went full on Avatar/X-Men for this one

  2. iVelocity_ says

    The 12 year olds are coming…

  3. Its Mona says

    She is NOT naked..it's futuristic suit with LED lights Lol!

  4. darren meow says

    she is not freaking naked
    please get it right

  5. LuluTh13teen says

    When she said that Taylor had no clothes on…. I fainted….. Until I realised that’s it was skin coloured suit lol

  6. Liana Rahman says

    She wore something people! She isn't Naked. People reacts so much xx

  7. Annur Boom says

    Looks like kanye west wax of her really came true huh

  8. Shahbaz Hussain says

    lotion check …tissue paper check …OK Taylor we are ready . :/

  9. A. Quinn says

    Succer for view mate? She's not naked for gadsake. Eww. Wtf is wrong with you guys?

  10. Ayesha Salman says

    Not that Haylor shit again
    You guys get over cuz surely they both have a long time ago

  11. Hansie Bezuidenhout says

    OMG a can't wait

  12. ULTRA HAZE MAN says

    Ghost in the shell

  13. lakeisha johnson says

    You know it's sad when you think Taylor when she released Songs or albums people don't think so it might be a coincidence just think oh she's sabotaging Katy can we have one conversation without bringing Katy Perry into this , I mean Jesus everything is not about Katy . I love Taylor and I love my girl Katy but for god sakes put it into this Petty childish Feud I mean if there's a few still going on between them please be an adult and stop trying to drag it out.

  14. MegaMetalManX says

    Wooooooooooww, you know you're desperate for attention when… SMH

  15. Slavic Bros says


  16. cindy flores says

    Taylor Swift is a fucking sell out to the satan cabal! If any parent lets their children follow her their crazy!!!!

  17. Gary Gurniak says


  18. Emma Pierskalla says

    shes not naked she would never do that. Also whats with the Taylor being related to satin what the heck??????????

  19. Jon Miner says

    I am so disappointed in Miss Swift. She has sold out to the dark side. You say "She is on fire." I guess that means that she has chosen the route to H3LL. Look what you made me so… yeah right $$$

  20. Just Tay says

    She's not naked dammit. She's in a robot suit. You guys s***s,honestly.

  21. Brad Collins says

    well look like we have the next Miley, and lady gaga in the making..sold her would jo0ish Illuminati sex pedi freaks

  22. neha aamir says

    shut up….that's s body suit

  23. SCOTT VEVO says

    Ghost in a shell

  24. Eliza C says

    She’s wearing a body suit dumbass

  25. Ken Tan says

    Thats not her body

  26. Reverend Saltine says

    The wonders of cgi you moron

  27. ann landers says

    That is not really her and that is not her body.   Definitely not her breasts.   But it just goes to show that she too wants to "take off her clothes" and join the crowd.   Too bad Taylor – that was the only good thing about you since as a singer you are so over-rated.

  28. SuperChiko4000 says

    Are you Ready for it

  29. SuperChiko4000 says

    I'm Ready for it

  30. Ali Nourmohamadi says

    Fuck you bitch , She's not naked

  31. Doug Geyman says

    She's beautiful

  32. Jose Lopez says


  33. shango thomas says

    Shut up n show us the nudes, too much jibba jabba

  34. Natalia Stornello says

    Taylor’s video looks so good

  35. Hector Castaneda says


  36. LEACAKEP 99 says


  37. Marissa Roman says

    Too bad for us Taylor Swift she is part of Satan now just for what money that green evil paper her life is never going to be the same now and after she dies too bad they always choose Satan instead of choosing Jesus Christ that died for her it's a shame

  38. Tabatha Sealy says

    Trying to look naked equals desperate….. She trying to hard to stay relevant !!

  39. James Robert Archbald says

    lol who cares about an illuminati bint

  40. DontFWitMeh says

    Lego building blocks built bitch!

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