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  1. Sophy Husna says

    May God have mercy on u

  2. Roxanne Charlie says

    She's been taking big black dicks a long time now

  3. Michael Blackson says

    Definition of a hoe..

  4. Eduardo Reyes says

    The game, lil rob

  5. Kris Ti says

    mostly black people

  6. Kevin Broadus says

    I would still beat! Kim bad af

  7. Aquarius 112/ says

    Kardashian….you're a fucking fat pig, no matter what others say

  8. beatriz mirabet says

    Kim has terrible but terrible taste in men all of them are horrendous, super ugly, how sad such a beautiful woman with such bad taste. Without a doubt in my opinion the only good looking man from this list is Gabriel Aubrey

  9. Karen Nobles says

    Dated, [email protected] more like it, how much is the going rate?

  10. tom peters says

    Kardashian pusssssssssy all rotten out ova stink

  11. ima bemedou says

    Ummmmm Reggie Bush is NOT Damon lmao

  12. Reneika Bailey says

    oh well she hasn't dated any poor guy.

  13. wrong station says

    kim is a hoe

  14. Norman Stuart says

    She is a hoe

  15. Mattie Matthews says

    I think it's been about a dozen total. Considering she's 36, that's pretty typical. And regardless of what the tabloids preach, her and Kanye were meant to be.

  16. jhh luxée says

    Li renmen neg nwa yo

  17. #Slashi says

    Hahaha always blacks bc of bbc hahhaaha

  18. mapule gabriella says

    she knows her worth and if any guy is not stepping up then go Kim marry another nigga with standards

  19. Joao.000000000 Lima says

    Boa Noite Kim você é linda beijo gata te Amo

  20. Linda Duthied says

    Did u notice in one of the photos with reggae bush to the left is her future husband Kanye west

  21. Francisca Larbi says

    Wow so many men kim

  22. xx xx says

    4:10 is that Kanye on the left? :))

  23. I like llamas says

    Watch how she's gonna die single

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