Justin Bieber NAKED Pics – Ariana Grande Kisses New Guy & Licks Donuts (DHR)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Justin Bieber shows off his assets, Ariana kisses new BF, and Nick Young talks Iggy Azalea. All this & more on today’s DHR. For More…

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  1. Jade Taylor says

    Fuck these bithes black people joke around I should know im black

  2. Bella Dooley says

    ffs ariana had her wisdom teeth taken out so she was on drugs! stuff like this pisses me off bc they are bitching about her but then they know that she didn't mean to say that and it's not her fauly

  3. Sienna Antone says

    You girls try to talk like your cool but your not

  4. Ryame Suang says


  5. Raven kit Viejo says

    for everyone's information Ariana Grande is high on anesthesia that time before getting her wisdom tooth,, just sayin'

  6. Fire Boy says

    Wow these celebrities are being stalked twenty four seven

  7. Can u su PP says

    Paparazzis are annnoying, I can’t wait to tell them to suck a dick.

  8. Daya Bracamonte says

    Justinbever is gay

  9. DIY Crafts says

    This is shit but Ariana is doing that cause of her bitchy boyfriend

  10. Emily Kelly says

    I think Ariana was just trying to impress her boyfriend. That’s absurd.

  11. mareli hernandez says

    :O OMG that is messed up but still calm down ppl

  12. mareli hernandez says

    Maybe she is drunk

  13. migsdominguez66 says


  14. Gianni Gutierrez says

    oh f* arry I know im not american im perubian but my friends my buddies are from america and im in america right now… continues

  15. Gianni Gutierrez says

    so ,she better watch her *******mouth

  16. Gianni Gutierrez says

    justin,justin,justin i know who_wt wut is dis ting bru serios rigt nou_ok his man buddy took it

  17. Gianni Gutierrez says

    he said "let me take a picture of those buttery flatin balls ok perfect." SNAP_NO RELI SNAP TAT IS MAN BAD

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