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  1. Mel Gall says

    Wow she dated everyone she worked wit. Sleep ur way to the top really works! Y’all forgot Jamie Fox

  2. Diane Tion says

    SO WHAT…

  3. grace sentongo says

    Unfortunately Beyonce only had sex with jay z after marriage the first boyfriend cheated on her because Beyonce wanted sex after marriage

  4. Double R says

    I should have known this shit wasn't real!

  5. Leki Jolo says

    At least make it interesting if you're going to lie!

  6. Vai Tevai says

    Her first boyfriend , didnt even cheated on her lol
    He left her for dropping stuffs he worked on bc on Bey interruptin him

  7. minyonne Straughter says

    Who really cares who Beyonce dates in the past or whatever.. She claim she so private and don't want t no one knowing her business so keep it that way… People gonna believe what they want.

  8. Hill Co. says

    how do people think these are super humans and haven't had their dates? I know for a fact it was that many because it was two in highschool and she said on TV she likes D'angelo.

  9. JP says

    All them dudes ran in that pussy and ass while Jay z was hitting it on the down low. Queen thot!!!!! The thot hive!!!!!!!!!

  10. Eduardo Morales says

    Well she rode good on a cock carousel of hoes! Why she complaining about Jay Z tasting other women? Need to be on same playing field

  11. Sameko Davenport says

    Ok i get if u take a picture with someone that means your dating them alright

  12. hlengiwe dakile says


  13. Kysha Kysha says

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  14. india miles says

    Besides her h.s sweetheart and Jay, the only other I heard was true was Mos def.

  15. Leona Lewis says

    My pe and health and social care teachers surname is Knowles

  16. paulette ricketts says

    Give my a dam break soooo not true the only one was her high school boy friend so they need to stop

  17. Karen Barajas says

    Omg if someone made a video of all the guys I seriously dated. Now that I think of it ewww

  18. Trollasaur says

    They all busted down them sugarwalls

  19. Alan Whitfield says


  20. Red Carded says

    of all these men, Jay was the only one committing….well good for you Bey, but he is ugly as hell lol

  21. singerliljermz says

    Beyonce only had one man before Jay-Z. Fucking delete this video! Looks like every guy she did a song with or took photos with in ur twisted-dirty mind that means she dated them. Just reported this video as 'misleading' hope others do too.

  22. riddley39 says

    I reckon mos def for defo hit it, no doubt in my mind!

  23. Phenomenal Woman says

    lyndell…. mannn lol

  24. Tricia P says

    So wrong!!! Thirsty !!!

  25. Lucius Transor says

    i wouldn' t have dated her, lol.

  26. ebony dudley says

    who the fuck put this shit together? its a bunch of fucking lies

  27. zionsun102979 says

    Just because people are photographed together does not mean they are dating.  This is so stupid,  Most of the photos were WORK related.  You tried it and failed miserably.

  28. Desmond Osazuwa Amasihohu says

    I thought beyonce and Jay-Z have been married for long so when did all these relationship happened or beyonce was cheating?

  29. Siara Allen says

    Probably not many.

  30. superGJ24 says

    Damn she started bad got better then drifted back in the end again

  31. Anne-Marie Lissouck says

    Haha.. Rmlmao!!!

  32. Joshua Boston says

    The first guys the other guys thats lies check ur info sis

  33. Oma'am Igbo says

    So, basically, any guy you could find in a photo with her?? STOP.

  34. Rachel Sangara says

    Lies you tell

  35. Arc-Angel Unknown Soldiers MC says

    Wtf? Lol

  36. Religionfree says

    I dated Beyonce back in…………….. here is some pictures of Beyonce to prove it.

  37. Saffire Channing says

    Um….does just having 'recreational sex' count as dating? I suspect that's what Beyoncé did with her mentor, Michael Jackson for a brief period of time BEFORE she got married and started a family with Jay-Z. Of course, that wasn't mentioned.

  38. CreamyKolors4U says
  39. KT KLT says

    Justin Timbaland bullshit

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