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  1. Mia G says

    all them sisters like african american men except for kourt

  2. Fredericka Bell says

    Really ! Thats who kendall is dating….like how old is he over her…smh those girls have no class when it comes to dating

  3. Carolyn Nigro says

    why does Kylie only date heinous looking ghetto rats?

  4. universalexports777 says

    The Kardashians are money grabbing,attention seeking,foul mouthed whores who like black men with big dicks

  5. sparkle gazer says

    Whatever happened to relationships that walked side by side? That actually looked like they were even a little happy? Dudes as well as anyone for that matter had much more respect in my Grammy day from the stories she has told me.

  6. Zia Queen says

    He looks like Chris Humphries lmfao

  7. Linda Jedeon says

    So pretty yet dates dirty nasty GHETTO OMG!!!

  8. universalexports777 says

    What is a stunning girl like Kendall doing with a gorilla like this?

  9. Anastasia Maria says

    Look at all the glowing eyes – showing their demonic possession skills and soul selling skills. TRASH all of them.

  10. Ann Fitzgerald says

    They r all trash.

    Good job on raising such good pigs

  11. sharon terrell says

    Taste in men,you people are to superficial,keep tasting you'll bread butter.The heart is where love is found,not in the skin color,hair or face okay."What happen to the guy's they people to,and human beings….craziness.

  12. the magician says

    I bet Blake be killing that pussy

  13. Leonard Ray Wilder says

    is that We blacKs have long thick cocks white women turn crazy for us in bed

  14. lilly Peete says

    Fuck a whoredashian can the whole family DIE ALREADY. Dammmmn sick of these whores

  15. Marvin Mitchell says

    Blake Griffin looks like a molester next to Kendal

  16. April Browning says

    She can do way better than Travis Scott he looks so nasty looking ughh omg

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