Kylie Jenner Addresses Sex Tape Rumors After Being Hacked On Twitter


Parasailing Beauty Trippin ▻▻ More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kylie Jenner addresses the Tyga sex tape rumors after her Twitter account…

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  1. Lesly Cruz says


  2. Donovan Fox says

    she's pulling a Kim

  3. hshshshshshshs says

    fucking whore

  4. Chiidori Arisato says


  5. riad barcic says

    no no no

  6. shea money squad says

    u go Kyle

  7. Badsha Mia says

    I m a girl anyone follow me on kik abirrat99

  8. Britney Spears says

    Kylie is so nonchalant about everything lmao. Good for her

  9. Becky :D says

    What is Kylie's snap

  10. Zawaawaa 05 says

    Takes it nice and easy she can control her temper
    I wanna be her

  11. Donald Kaour says

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  12. [email protected] says

    hey pervs i have the vid on my channel check it

  13. mouano domestik says

    Katy Perry has been hacked too but you just make videos about Kylie and taylor swift's twitters being hacked? stupid swifties and kardashian-fangirls

  14. Briana Rojas says

    most deffinitley she responded appropriately

  15. [email protected] says

    WATCH THE VID ONLINE on my channel (;

  16. nile peterson says

    I want you so bad

  17. nile peterson says

    I want to fuck Kylie so bad

  18. Asaptaco says

    Kylie's twitter password is "ThankyouRJ8inches"

  19. Andi Sanchez says

    here's the low down lol wtf

  20. Shane Dawson says

    Tbh, if they lost all their fame and money, she WOULD make that sex tape

  21. Hot Flopic says

    Check out my rant on Kylie's so called sex tape it's hilarious haha

  22. Villager Cutie says

    not truth kylie is a nice person kim k is a botch so she was reaally hacked

  23. Liam Tough says

    Yeah she did

  24. Huyre Twitte says

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