21 Girls That Justin Bieber Has ” Dated “


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  1. VIDA H says

    somehow selena and justin grew together!

  2. Suryadi Purwanto37 says


  3. Kashifa Ali says

    Jelena is best

  4. Es Ther says

    He likes black and latina girls

  5. XquizitX says

    Look at his hand at 2:43

  6. And Ariana Grande

  7. Ariana Bieber says

    How about Ariana Grande? I love them both.

  8. Haniza Ahmad says

    where is 2017

  9. Selena and justin weir goals !!!!!!!!! Like why did you break up Selena was the only serious relationship

  10. Madison Green says

    Didnt Kendall Jenner dated justin too?

  11. Ganaa Jsgaa says

    i miss jelena

  12. Shrikant Bangar says

    Which is this song

  13. sara khan says

    amanda never hooked up with justin in 2016

  14. Ανθή Π. says


  15. Nahar Nahar says

    I don,t like justin.beiber

  16. Dengwen Cx says

    This is so fake asf

  17. Vasea P says

    Musik ….please

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