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  1. Drug Banjo says

    She will be my girlfriend

  2. Lena Rodriguez says

    "Let's talk about your boyfriend!"
    "I have a boyfriend? Ooo, where?"

  3. promise pamela says

    saved this video before watching, cause I thought the weekend was the topic of discussion . so annoyed

  4. Guingo Santos says

    Her accent dont sound pretty good. Is she from maxico?

  5. Ria says

    How is she fat?

  6. coco coco says

    why 7k dislike .

  7. Natasha J. Bednar says

    Hi man, anybody here want to 4.d.d.ult chat with me?
    I will make you fun and R.ap3 me tonight, chat me here

  8. ginger psycho says

    1:24 HOW CAN PEOPLE CALL THAT FAT?! She has the perfect body!!

  9. Most amazing Top ten says

    Guys you know that aelena broke up

  10. Geisa Gonçalves says

    Tem essa entrevista legendada ?

  11. rithy duong says

    I'm so happy because jelena comes back

  12. tommy vercetti says

    is selena lesbian

  13. tommy vercetti says

    cause i saw her kiss somone

  14. tommy vercetti says

    thats gay

  15. patrick ramroop says

    It is not about the weekend it's about her lupus disease

  16. Jhenmar Lopez says

    thats is coll

  17. Nabihah Hannah says

    But you look good

  18. Terry Hanks says

    She's a tranny

  19. Krekar Braim says

    I really love Selena Gomez, she is intelligent, adorable , solid and she is not fat at all, she has a perfect body.

  20. opinion nation says

    My sience teacher has that

  21. SeaBananaGames1 says

    can i ask you a question? where the fuck is the weeknd brought up anywhere here? why are you clickbaiting? fuck you

  22. cheeky-poo says

    Ellen put your dick back in, u ain’t using it here.

  23. TheHollowGaul says


  24. Milk Dud says

    if that is fat then I'm not human lol

  25. x_Just Jessi_x says

    Shes fat!!!! What shut up if shes fat then wtf am i … Shes perfect i wish i had her body and looks and everything god … But u know what FUCK ALL THE BODYSHAMMERS! #TwoMiddleFingersHeldHigh

  26. faizaan khan says

    Shes so fake

  27. MICKEY ANGEL says

    I feel her so much this is why I love her and a big fan here from Miguel

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