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  1. Adja Ndoye says

    super perfect coupl

  2. Keiko Katze says

    half of this footage is from 2011!

  3. Agatha Kim says

    I don't know.. I never hated Miley even when she became a total b*tch for a moment. (I kinda understand her honestly.. she started being like that when she broke up with Liam.)
    and is it only me who noticed?? She's becoming the old Miley again (the sweet image girl) – – maybe because she's back with Liam again.
    and I really like the fact that they are back again. hope this time it really is for real. She can be Mrs.Hemsworth. <3

  4. Jane Gilmore says

    Beautiful pic of them both @1.10

  5. Antonella Jodurcha says

    son tan lindos los amo‚̧‚̧‚̧‚̧

  6. Puro CD. OBREGON Valenzuela says

    Miley Cyrus is ugly

  7. Men are wondering says

    They both have girlfriends, lol. But this is a dope beat yo

  8. ella Juliettex says

    Anyone here from Lawsworth Family?

  9. Virginia Miller says

    i miss the old miley!

  10. Iman Kiani says

    Miley is very good

  11. Iman Kiani says

    ilove you

  12. Iman Kiani says


  13. H S says

    I dont wanna hurt anyone but it really seemed to me like she was going crazy when she changed everything. but I am sure she wanted really to do that. i think liam is a great man maybe he was kinda shocked but still loved her and now they learned how to deal with that change. they are couple for years now and they are both talented. miley may seem strange but just because she acts different. she doesnt hurt anyone so why r people hating on her?

  14. Waleed Riad says

    I think she is a teenager

  15. darlan barela godoy says


  16. Jenelyn W. Kahal says

    miley really loves liam

  17. US Marines says

    If u stop at 3:29 that is fake Liam head was cut and paste so is miley

  18. Lucia Garcia Gonzalez says

    liam you are mine

  19. Jane Anne Caperida says

    i think miley really love him. until now she still cant move on and she keeps on crying during his concert.

  20. soy valentina zenere says

    genre,tu met la vie des stars.

  21. knoxoxo5123 says

    sorry shippers, I'm not a fan of miley

  22. anilyn cabacungan says

    May forever talaga…i love this couple…

  23. muna Koirala says

    Liam looks like Paul walker in one of the photos

  24. Leon Dawson says

    wow nice the move

  25. Sucuk Boi says

    0:45 i can see a hole :v

  26. Latoya Hudson says


  27. Latoya Hudson says


  28. starmsjc says

    Beautiful couple!

  29. Zabitah Resha says

    she loves him to the moon and back…

  30. Israa Mohamed says

    so he is the reason for wrecking ball??? fuck him

  31. Eva says

    the only know how to kiss but not how to realy love R.I.P

  32. Felix NICOLE says

    she can't live without him,,,,Damn,,,,she really loves him,,,,,,,,,,and if they slip again,she will die after,,,lolllllllll

  33. Elis says

    amo esse casal, eles voltaram neh? tipo 2017

  34. B G says


  35. william coe says

    He could do better than hanging out with that white trash skank

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